The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3880

Chapter 3880

Xerxes shared the secrets he discovered.

After hearing this, James fell into deep thought. After a while, he asked, “It shouldn’t be possible for the
three hundred Dark Lords and Yukia to have been killed, right?”

How could Yukia have died?

The Dark Strife happened before the Ninth Universe was formed. However, Yukia appeared in the
Twelfth Universe, and Henrik accompanied her on her travels to other universes.

However, Henrik had never seen her face before. If Yukia had died, who was the person that appeared
in the Twelfth Universe?

Moreover, how would Xerxes’ ancestor have left behind notes if all three hundred of them were wiped

James asked, “Is the information you obtained reliable?”

Xerxes shook his head and said, “I can’t be sure. It’s the information I found in the notes left behind by
my ancestor. Unfortunately, the notes were incomplete and very confusing. Everything I’ve told you is
what I’ve learned after sorting them out.

“It’s recorded in the notes that the Acme Path appeared, and almost all Dark Lords came out of hiding
and entered the Unknown Region, trying to cross into the Acme Path to reach the Acme Rank.

“I didn’t find anything about the person who released the news from the notes. The last piece of
information is that Yukia appeared, claimed everything to be a conspiracy, and tried to prevent these
Lords from entering the Acme Path to open the seal. As a result, a massive battle broke out.

“After everyone in the battle was injured, a mysterious force appeared. By then, these Dark Lords
immediately realized it was indeed a conspiracy. They might not have died if they were not injured

James asked, “How are your injuries? Are they serious? We should try to leave this place first before
making further plans.”

Suddenly, a chilly breeze blew toward them. Even a powerhouse like James felt cold from the wind.

James stood up, gripped the Demon-Slayer Sword, and scanned his surroundings.

Sienna also sensed the unusual aura and quickly looked around her warily.

James looked at Sienna and said, “Those strange creatures are lurking in the darkness. Xerxes read
the notes left by his ancestor and attracted their attention. Now that we’ve also learned of this
information, they won’t be letting us go easily and will try to kill us here.”

A powerful aura emerged from Sienna’s body, and she said, “Then we’ll destroy them.”

James said, “Xerxes is already injured and has lost his combat strength. He’s not in the condition to
fight right now. You should leave with him. Go back to the Malevolent Land. Meanwhile, I’ll stay to
figure out what these strange creatures are.”

James planned to stay and fight with the unknown opponent.

Sienna looked at James, nodded slightly, and said, “Alright. Please be careful.”

After speaking, Sienna walked toward Xerxes.

Xerxes stood up, looked at James, and reminded him, “Be careful. These creatures’ strengths are on
par with mine, but they have extraordinary power. They also don’t seem to have an aura and are very

unpredictable. I was injured a few times because I was careless.”

Xerxes fought against these strange creatures a few times and knew their strength. He knew his
unknown opponents were on par with him. However, these creatures had no aura, and it was tough to
predict their movements, thus making it hard to defend against them.

“Go on,” said James.

James waved his hand, and his powerful force emerged and tore open a spatial rift.
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Although Sienna had the strength to leave, James was still worried and opened a passage for them to
leave safely. At the same time, he could try sensing their whereabouts.

Sienna grabbed Xerxes with one hand and rushed into the spatial passage without hesitation. The rift
immediately merged after they entered it. James also set up a sigil to prevent their enemies from
chasing after their auras.

After Sienna and Xerxes were gone, James closely scanned his surroundings.

The surrounding black mist fluttered, and he could sense the mysterious creatures hiding within it.
However, he was unable to detect their precise whereabouts.

James shouted coldly, “Show yourself.”

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