The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3881

Chapter 3881

James’ growl was like grumbling thunder. It was deafening, and the whole area trembled.

He watched his surroundings, constantly turning to look at different areas while on high alert.

At that moment, a figure silently appeared behind him. By the time James sensed his presence, it was
too late. A sharp blade pierced through his body.
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When his body was pierced, he quickly moved and slashed at the figure behind him. The figure was
shattered again.

The opponent had left behind a trail of black mist, and James promptly seized the opportunity and
grabbed a handful of it.

He looked at the black mist in his hand, which seemed alive and was constantly struggling to break
free. James snorted coldly, raised his hand, and sealed the black mist.

James scrutinized the black mist and found it had a similar aura to the mist around him.

Unfortunately, he was unable to find any clues about its origin. However, James knew he could turn it
into law sequences in the Illuminated World. Then, he could figure out what it was.

James could no longer sense the unknown creatures around him, so he threw the black mist into the
Celestial Abode.

He scanned his surroundings again. However, the creatures seemed to have recognized James’
strength and escaped into hiding.

James kept sensing and scanning his surroundings but could not find them, nor did they show
themselves again.

Although James’ body was pierced, his injuries were not fatal. At his current strength, he was almost
immortal. It was hard for others to obliterate him.

James sat in a lotus position and waited for a while. However, the creature never reappeared. He did
not wait any longer and put away his Demon-Slayer Sword.

Then, he stood up and left the area.

James stepped forward, and a crack appeared in the void ahead.

He walked through the crack and disappeared into the darkness.

After he left, the area returned to silence.

Shortly after, a few hoarse voices began to chatter.

“He had powerful force.”

“Indeed. It’s very close to becoming Chaos Power.”

“That’s very unusual. We must report this to Master. Otherwise, it would cause a huge problem, and
Master would lose control over this area.”

It sounded like two voices were conversing with each other. However, they could not be seen in the

James was oblivious to their conversation. At that moment, he had already returned to the Malevolent

After James returned, he headed to see Xerxes.

Xerxes was recuperating in his room.

Outside Xerxes’ room, Sienna spotted James, who had returned and said joyfully, “You’re alright!
Thank goodness.”

“How is Xerxes?” asked James.

Sienna said, “After we returned, he has been trying to heal his wounds. I was worried, so I stood on
guard outside his room. With Xerxes’ strength, he should recover very soon.”

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