The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3883

Chapter 3883

“I was immediately ambushed after unsealing his notes. It just seems too strange.”

Xerxes had a few doubts.

Who left these notes and set up the seal on them? Why was he attacked and hunted down after he
opened the seal?

James also had the same questions. He changed the subject and asked, “Then, what kind of existence
do you think are those creatures that attacked you? Where are they from?”

Xerxes shook his head slightly, not knowing the answers either.

After briefly considering it, he said, “There are two possibilities. One is that they’re part of the force that
released the news of the Acme Path in the past. Second is that these creatures are from these
restricted areas. The Dark World’s restricted areas are full of mysteries.”
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James nodded, agreeing with Xerxes’ words.

Sienna asked, “Then, what should we do now?”

James thought for a while and said, “We don’t understand anything yet, so it’s hard to make any
moves. All we can do now is wait. Those creatures trying to kill Xerxes didn’t want him to reveal this

“One thing for sure is they will definitely take action. We’ll just have to wait for them to make a move.
As soon as they act, we’ll discover some clues.

“However, we can’t wait idly for them. During this period, we have to improve our strength. The hidden
enemy seems to be very powerful. With our current strength, we might not stand a chance.”

After speaking, James stood up.

“You two stay in the Malevolent Land and don’t go anywhere. Wait patiently here. Meanwhile, I’ll head
into the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone to find Jabari. Yukia had appeared in the Twelfth Universe and
recruited Jabari as her disciple.

“Yukia had secretly arranged for these things to happen. There must be a reason she recruited Jabari
as his disciple. He might be playing a crucial part in her plans. I have to find him now.”

Startled, Xerxes asked, “The Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone? Y-You’re going to the Ecclesiastical
Restricted Zone?”

James nodded. “Yeah.”

Xerxes reminded him, “Although I’ve never been to the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone, I know how
scary that place is. You should really rethink your decision. Restricted regions in the Dark World aren’t
as simple as you think. There are many mysteries in these areas. Every restricted zone is full of
dangers. There is no return after entering these places.”

James said with determination, “I know the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone is a dangerous place, but I
must go.”

Jabari was in the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone, so how could he not go?

Moreover, more than half an Epoch had passed since Jabari entered the Ecclesiastical Restricted
Zone. James was a bit worried about Jabari’s safety.

Xerxes did not persuade him anymore and reminded him, “Be careful.”

Sienna also reminded him, “Do be careful in the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone. If you find yourself in
danger, escape immediately, and we can devise a plan afterward.

“I understand. I know my limits.” James nodded.

“I shouldn’t delay any further. I’ll depart first.”

After James bid them farewell, he left Mount Malevolent Moon. He disappeared from sight and quickly
rushed toward the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone.

Xerxes looked in the direction James left and murmured, “I hope he returns safely.”

“He will.” Sienna looked into the distance. She had great confidence in James.

“James has overcome many hardships and difficulties. This time, I’m sure he’ll be fine as well.”

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