The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3885

Chapter 3885

After Lord Samsong released the news, it attracted the attention of many Dark Lords.

“Lord Samsong wants to venture into the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone. It’s a great opportunity to
enter the deepest parts of the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone and obtain some boons.”

“Even if there isn’t any reward, it’ll be a good chance to venture into the place if we’re selected.”

Many powerful beings discussed the matter.

“However, there’s a requirement to sign up. Lord Samsong is only recruiting powerhouses at the Lord
Rank’s Fifth Stage and above.”

“Why is Lord Samsong going into the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone?”

“It’s a restricted area, and even a Ninth Stage Lord might die there.”

“Perhaps Lord Samsong has learned some secrets about the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone. Or maybe
there’s something he wants in there?”

“Lord Samsong is already a mighty powerhouse. There aren’t any treasures that can catch his
attention. If there’s any, it has to be a way to enter the Acme Rank. Could there really be a way to enter
the Acme Rank in the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone?”

“I don’t know.”

James listened carefully to the conversation of the tavern’s customers.

Ultimately, he learned that Lord Samong had arrived in the Malignant Star City and was recruiting
powerhouses to form a formidable team to venture into the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone.

After learning of Lord Samsong’s current whereabouts, James picked up his wine glass, gulped
everything down, and left the tavern.

James appeared on the street outside, identified the direction, and walked toward Mount Bajuergh,
which he learned to be Lord Samsong’s current location.

Mount Bajuergh was a mighty spiritual mountain in Malignant Star City.

Eight powerhouses lived on the spiritual mountain, all of which were Fifth Stage Lords. Together, they
were known as Mount Bajuergh’s Eight Lords.
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Lord Samsong was temporarily staying on Mount Bajuergh.

Soon, James appeared outside Mount Bajuergh.

Many powerhouses were gathered outside Mount Bajuergh. They had heard about Lord Samsong
recruiting powerhouses to enter the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone.

Some were interested in entering the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone.

The Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone was a very legendary existence and was taboo to them. Many were
interested in venturing into the place but were not courageous enough. Since a Ninth Stage Lord was
leading the team, they thought it would be an excellent opportunity for them.

A beautiful woman stood at the mountain foot.

She wore a black dress and had long silver hair. She was gorgeous and had a very sexy figure.

The woman was one of Mount Bajuergh’s Eight Lords. She was a powerful Fifth Stage Lord.

She was ordered to lead the recruitment process.

Although many powerhouses were gathered, none stepped forward to sign up. After James appeared,
he slowly approached the beautiful woman.

The woman looked at James and said with a bright smile, “Are you here to sign up?”

James nodded lightly and said, “I heard Lord Samsong is here to recruit powerhouses. I’ve been
interested in venturing into the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone for a long time and specifically came to

The woman’s name was Quenby Jerneja, and she was ranked last among Mount Bajuergh’s Eight
Lords. She scanned James up and down, trying to find out his rank. However, she was unable to see
through James.

She concluded he was a powerhouse since she could not see through James.

“Alright. Come with me. I’ll bring you to see Lord Samsong.”

Quenby was satisfied with James. After waiting for so long, a seemingly powerful man had shown up.

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