The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3888

Chapter 3888

James was immediately interested when Lord Samsong mentioned the Omniscience Path.

He had cultivated the Omniscience Path and reached the Fourth Stage, which was unprecedented.
However, he had difficulties entering the Fifth Stage.

Lord Samsong explained, “I don’t know much about it since I’ve only read brief records in an ancient
book. I’m not even sure if it’s real.

“The Omniscience Path is said to be a dead end at the Third Stage. Since ancient times, no one has
been able to go beyond and reach the Fourth Stage.

“The ancient book I read claimed the Omniscience Path was incomplete because Acme Power was
lost. It’s rumored that Acme Power could unlock living beings’ potential, allowing them to break their
limits and improve their physical strength.”

Lord Samsong shared the information he had acquired.

The Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone was dangerous, and he did not want to hide anything from the
others. Therefore, he honestly told them everything he knew.
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James immediately thought, ‘If his words are true, and the Light of Acme really exists in the
Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone, I can borrow the strength of the Light of Acme to enter a higher stage in
the Omniscience Path.’

His interest in the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone grew even stronger.

Lord Samsong said, “The Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone is periculous, and the Light of Acme is also
very terrifying. Even a powerful Lord could be killed by the power of the Light of Acme. After entering
the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone, please do not act rashly. Listen to my orders. Understood?”


“I’ll follow your every command.”

“Don’t worry, Lord Samsong. I won’t move about without permission.”

The Lords replied to him one after another.

Lord Samsong said, “Alright. It’s going to be a journey full of danger. Everyone’s dismissed. Go ahead
and prepare for the trip. Do prepare as many life-saving herbs and treasures as possible. We’ll meet at
Mount Bajuergh and depart for the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone in three years.”

“Alright.” Everyone nodded in agreement.

James did not have much to prepare, so he temporarily stayed on Mount Bajuergh and waited for time
to pass.

Time passed by silently.

Three years later, dozens of Lords led by Lord Samsong appeared in the main hall of Mount Bajuergh.

Lord Samsong said, “Let’s go.”

Immediately afterward, he leaped into the sky and quickly advanced. The other Lords promptly followed

The group left the city almost instantly and headed toward the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone.

After they left the city, they entered a mountain range.

The mountain range stretched for a few billion kilometers. In light years, the mountain range’s diameter
was about 300 light years.

After passing through the mountain range, they arrived at the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone.

The Lords that were heading toward the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone were very powerful. To them,
traveling through the Dark World’s Nine Heavens and Ten Earths was very easy, let alone a mountain
that spanned 300 light years.

Lord Samsong stopped and looked ahead.

“The Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone is right ahead of us.”

There was another vast mountain range ahead of them. From a distance, it looked very majestic. The
area contained very mysterious power and was shrouded in white mist.

Only the outermost mountains could be seen. The mysterious fog blocked the mountains inside,
making it impossible to see the terrain inside. Not even their Divine Senses could penetrate the area.

The other Lords stood behind Lord Samsong.

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