The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3891

Chapter 3891

The faces of these Lords turned pale as they hurriedly catalyzed their power to expel the intrusion.

The bizarre Dark Matter Power also contaminated James. In an instant, his physical body was
corrupted, and the contaminated flesh on his arm was eaten up, leaving only his bones. The flesh from
other parts of his body also gradually disintegrated. As his mind stirred, Chaos Power permeated the
air and immediately expelled the Dark Matter.

The other Lords also summoned their power to protect themselves.

“There’s a lethal toxin in this Dark Matter.”

“How terrifying…”

They spoke.

“As expected of the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone… A First Stage Lord would have perished here.”

James now understood just how terrifying the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone was. What would they
encounter if they ventured further? At that moment, he was secretly worried about Jabari. Jabari had
entered the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone for close to an Epoch now. James wondered if he was doing

Lord Samsong, who was in the lead, watched the surrounding mist closely. Dark Matter materialized
from it. However, the Dark Matter had been contaminated by a certain bizarre power that was unknown
to man.

“Be careful! Don’t let your guard down!”

He reminded.

The others concentrated and ventured forward.


The soil was soft, making squishing sounds as they stepped on it. At the same time, black miasma
emerged from within the earth, carrying terrifying power that corroded even the void. However, as the
Lords had already used their power to shield their bodies, these miasmas had no effect on them.

Everyone was on high alert. James, however, was as carefree as ever for he had yet to sense any
threat. At his rank, there was no power that could threaten him. Unless an Acmean appeared, he would
not be easily defeated.

“What’s that?!”

Someone exclaimed.

Everyone turned around and saw a corpse dangling in the air. The corpse was tens of thousands of
meters long and was wearing black armor. It exuded the aura of the dead. Besides, this corpse had
been decapitated. Not supported by any objects, the corpse simply levitated in mid-air. Surrounded by
a thick corpse aura, the scenery made the Lords’ blood run cold.

As James stared at the corpse, he could sense Nine-Power Macrocosm Power. He furrowed his

Lord Samsong could also sense it.

“A Ninth Stage Lord… What kind of power is capable of decapitating a Ninth Stage Lord and
annihilating his soul?”Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

Wearing a grim expression, Lord Samsong ordered, “We have arrived at the depths of the
Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone. Be on your guard. Do not act recklessly. Don’t blame me for what
happens if you invite trouble.”

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