The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3892

Chapter 3892

A huge decapitated corpse dangled in the air, exuding a terrifyingly powerful corpse aura. Some of the
Fifth Stage Lords could even feel a chill down their spines.

Lord Samsong, who was in the lead, stopped upon seeing the corpse. He then scanned his
surroundings. However, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

“This is a Ninth Stage Lord. Who could have killed him?”

“Even a Ninth Stage Lord was killed! How terrifying! Does the legendary Acmean really exist? Even if
he does, he should only be a rank higher than a Ninth Stage Lord. Can he really decapitate a Ninth
Stage Lord?”

Some Lords began to chatter.

Samsong approached James and asked, “What do you think, Forty-nine?”

After some contemplation, James said, “The Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone is an ancient restricted
zone. Anything could happen here, so we shouldn’t be surprised by something like this. Our objective is
to locate the Light of Acme. As such, we shouldn’t pay any heed to the corpse.”

Lord Samsong nodded slightly. James’ suggestion was reasonable. Even if a real Ninth Stage Lord
appeared before him, he would not be intimidated, much less the corpse of a Ninth Stage Lord.

“We will take a detour,” Lord Samsong ordered. Then, taking the lead, he ventured further into the

However, at that moment, the corpse stirred, and a mysterious power appeared from within his body.
The physical body of the corpse slowly diminished in size before taking the appearance of an ordinary
person. Then, it blocked the path of James and the others. An unparalleled corpse aura surged forth
from within his body, carrying a Nine-Power Macrocosm Power that made everyone’s blood run cold.

“What should we do, Lord Samsong?” A Lord asked. “Something’s not quite right with that thing. He
must have been dead for a very long time. Even so, he still has consciousness. He’s obviously blocking
our way to prevent us from venturing further.”

Before Lord Samsong could speak, the corpse raised his hand. The flesh on his arm had been
corroded, and the watery flesh looked horrifying. As he raised his rotten arm, mysterious power
gathered in his palm, which then swept through the air and entered the depths.


At that moment, the earth shook. A fissure appeared before the group, it kept increasing in size. Then,
a black light soared out from the fissure and transformed into an axe. Holding the axe in his hand, the
corpse blocked the group’s path.

“Watch out.”

Lord Samsong hurriedly said as he retreated to the rear. Then, a light glimmered before him and
transformed into a weapon. It was a blue sword that radiated a blue glow.

The other Lords hurriedly retreated and maintained a safe distance from the corpse.

Meanwhile, Lord Samsong was on high alert. The moment the corpse moved, he would retaliate and
completely annihilate the corpse.
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Once one reached the rank of the Ninth Stage Lord, even if one’s soul was completely eradicated, the
Zen of one’s past life would still remain inside one’s corpse as long as the corpse existed. Zen was not
the lingering remnants of the soul. Once one attained a certain rank, his Zen would not dissipate even if
he was dead. The dissipation could take a very long time to occur. Apparently, the Zen of the owner’s
past life lived on inside the headless corpse.

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