The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3893

Chapter 3893

The corpse held an axe in his hand, emanating a very bizarre and frightening corpse aura.

“We’re just passing by, and we have no plans of offending you. Please allow us passage,” Lord
Samsong said.

He did not wish for conflict to erupt, for even if the corpse was already dead, he still contained a Nine-
Power Macrocosm Power inside him. If they came to blows, they could potentially awaken an unknown
powerful being in the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone from his slumber.

Holding the axe in his hand, the headless corpse appeared before Lord Samsong in an instant. He
leaped into the air before coming crashing down and slashing the axe, which exuded a Nine-Power
Macrocosm Power.

Lord Samsong’s face darkened, and he raised the sword in his hand to deflect the attack.


Two powers collided, and a terrifying battle ripple spread across the area. The battle ripple shredded
through the air and shattered the surrounding void. In an instant, hollow areas appeared everywhere.
However, the restricted area was mysterious, and the powers disappeared soon before reaching a
certain distance.

After the blow, Lord Samsong’s body flashed, and he disappeared without a trace. In the next instant,
he was already behind the headless corpse, and he pierced through the corpse’s body with his sword.
A powerful force emerged from the sword, which continuously destroyed the corpse. In just the blink of
an eye, the corpse’s physical body and even his bones were completely destroyed. Even though he
was previously a Ninth Stage Lord who still contained a Nine-Power Macrocosm Power inside his body
after his death, there was nonetheless a huge disparity of strength between him and Lord Samsong,
who easily defeated him.

As the headless corpse disintegrated, the axe fell to the ground.

James immediately appeared before the axe and picked it up before smiling haughtily. “Lord Samsong,
since you’ve lived for so long, you must have a ton of Chaotic Treasures in your possession. In that
case, allow me to keep this axe.”

Before Lord Samsong could agree, James stored the axe away.

Indeed, Lord Samsong was not short of Chaotic Treasures. However, seeing James acting so brazenly,
he got irritated. However, upon being reminded of their objective, he remained silent.

His reason for coming here was to obtain the Light of Acme. With the Light of Acme, he could ascend
to the Acme Path and become the most powerful individual in the Dark World and even among the
twelve universes. He could be sovereign over all.

“Sure, of course,” He said.

“Thank you.”

With a grin on his face, James looked at Lord Samsong and asked, “Which way are we heading now?”

After confirming the directions, Lord Samsong said, “There. Previously when my Zen entered the
Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone, I was still a long distance away from reaching the Light of Acme, which
is located in the central region of the restricted zone. I have no idea what dangers we might encounter
next, so obey my orders and refrain from acting recklessly.”

“Not a problem,” James said smilingly.

With Lord Samsong, a Ninth Stage Lord, by their side, he could relax and focus on collecting any
Chaotic Treasures that appeared along the way. Even if he did not obtain the Light of Acme in the end,

his journey would not be in vain as long as he could collect a few Chaotic Treasures. Upon obtaining
two, he considered himself to have already reaped enormous benefits. After all, there were many
Macrocosm Ancestral Gods in the twelve universes that did not have any Chaotic Treasure.Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

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