The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3894

Chapter 3894

A single headless corpse was unable to block the group’s passage as they possessed terrifying
strength. An ordinary Lord would have been impeded there.

The group ventured forward. Soon, they traversed through the white mist region and arrived at a new
region, which was supposedly the central region of the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone. As they gazed
into the distance, they could see spiritual mountains, ancient cities, and many magnificent structures.
However, these cities had been abandoned, and many of those magnificent buildings had become piles
of rubble. From a distance away, the region seemed to be devoid of all life. However, one could tell that
this place was once a bustling area a very long time ago.

“There’s a city.”

“A spiritual mountain!”

“This means there was once life in the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone!”
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“I wonder why they all disappeared? Was there a war in the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone?”

Many conversed.

Meanwhile, James was scanning his surroundings for Jabari’s aura. However, he sensed nothing. This
could mean that Jabari either never appeared here or only lingered here for a short while.

“This way.”

Lord Samsong beckoned.

Soon, they arrived at the city gate.

The city was vast, and the city walls had become a pile of rubble. Many of the buildings within had
already collapsed. However, there were still some that remained unscathed.

Under Lord Samsong’s guidance, the group slowly entered the city.

“Lord Samsong, where’s the Light of Acme? Is it in this city?” A Lord asked.

Lord Samsong shook his head and said, “It’s not. However, this city is the only way through. The
Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone is extremely dangerous. We cannot simply barge right in. We need to
proceed with caution.”

“I see…”

“I’m looking forward to seeing the Light of Acme with my own eyes.”

“I’m curious to see what the Light of Acme looks like.”

Many conversed.

Meanwhile, James remained silent. After all, he was not familiar with the other Lords. He simply
scanned his surroundings curiously. Then, he used his Zen to sense the dead city.


Just as James was sensing his surroundings, a voice came from behind. James turned around and
saw Quenby Jerneja, one of the Eight Lords, before him. She was wearing a black dress, and her long
silverish hair fluttered in the air. Her features were refined and delicate, and her expression was

“What’s wrong?’ James asked coldly.

Quenby asked, “Why are you silent? Since we’re in the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone, we’re all on the
same team. As such, we should help each other out. Here, let me introduce you to the other Lords.”

Quenby enthusiastically introduced James to the others, to which James only nodded slightly as a sign
of acknowledgment.

Lord Samsong who was in the lead paid no heed to anyone.

This city was nothing out of the ordinary. For a very long time, this city had been devoid of all life. The
only extraordinary thing was that this place contained a power unknown to the Lords that never once
appeared in the Dark World and the twelve universes.

Soon, they made it through the city. Before them was an undulating mountain range.

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