The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3895

Chapter 3895

There were buildings on each of the peaks. However, most of them had already been turned into a pile
of rubble. Besides that, some of the mountains had collapsed, and the air permeated a battle aura that
had existed a long time ago.


Just as the group was passing through the pile of rubble, a radiant Sword Energy emerged from within
a fissure and charged at the Lords. However, Lord Samsong easily deflected the attack. He casually
waved his hand, and a Sword Energy materialized and struck a mountain range in the distance.


In an instant, the earth shook, and the region was completely destroyed.

As they traversed the piles of rubble, some unknown power that had been in existence since long ago
kept materializing and attacking them. However, as they were all powerful Lords, these powers did not
affect them.

“Over there! What’s that?”

At that moment, a Lord pointed straight ahead. As everyone looked straight ahead, they saw an oil
lamp in the abandoned mountain range a distance away. The oil lamp was bizarre. Its wick was short,
and the lamp glimmered with a faint light.

“Let’s go and have a look.”
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Lord Samsong walked toward the oil lamp, and the others followed suit. Soon, they arrived at the place
where the oil lamp was located.

The oil lamp was not that big. Levitating in mid-air, it seemed to house a bizarre-looking oil inside. The
wick inside glimmered weakly, almost as if it would extinguish anytime.

“An oil lamp?”

“Why’s there an oil lamp here?”

“There must be more to this. Any object that appears in the depths of the Ecclesiastical Restricted
Zone must be extraordinary. This must be a Chaotic Treasure. But, I wonder what the oil lamp is
capable of.”

Many stared at the oil lamp, intrigued.

James watched the oil lamp closely as well. Upon sensing it, he realized that the oil lamp was made of
a unique material. Also, he sensed a mysterious power coming from the dim light.

As they were observing the oil lamp, it suddenly soared to the sky and dashed out of the Ecclesiastical
Restricted Zone into an unknown region in the depths of the Dark World. Then, it disappeared without a

Everyone looked at one another, not knowing what just happened.

Lord Samsong paid no heed to the lamp and said, “Pay no heed to the oil lamp. We should venture
forward and cross the mountain range. Then, we will arrive at a battlefield. I sense that the Light of
Acme is located there.”

Upon hearing this, the others put the issue of the oil lamp aside and continued marching forward.

James, on the other hand, furrowed his eyebrows. He remained standing and watched the spot where
the oil lamp once sat. Sensing an extraordinary power and some bizarre inscription rules in the air, he
casually waved his hand and tried grabbing the void. The residual power of the oil lamp went to his

hands. He observed the power in his hands and tried to see through the essence. However, as this was
the Dark World, he could not transform the power into rules. As such, he could not comprehend them
at the moment. So, he stored the power away in the Celestial Abode. Once he left the Dark World, he
would research the message of the oil lamp, perhaps through which he would be able to learn of some
secrets of the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone.

“Are you coming or not, Forty-nine?”

A melodious voice came.

“What are you standing there for?”


James collected himself and hurriedly chased after Quenby.

Quenby looked at him and asked puzzledly, “What’s wrong? Did you learn something new?”

James shook his head slightly and said, “Nope. I was just lost in my thoughts.”

“Alright then.” Quenby did not inquire further.

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