The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3896

Chapter 3896

Lord Samsong ventured deeper into the depths alongside the other Lords.

This place was full of danger and filled with the residual aura of a battle from a very long time ago. The
power here was so terrifying that an ordinary Lord could be annihilated. However, since the ones
present were powerful Lords, they overcame these dangers easily. Upon traversing the region, they
arrived at an ancient ruin.

At the peak of a mountain in the depths of the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone, many living beings stood
gazing into the distance. In the distance was an empty plot of land full of the remnants of a battle. All
sorts of turbulent powers kept flashing.

Upon seeing this, even James was stunned. What happened here that led to the appearance of so
many skeletal remains? He even sensed the presence of many Chaotic Treasures. Immediately, he
was tempted to take them all back to the Twelfth Universe. How powerful would the Twelfth Universe
be with all these Chaotic Treasures?


On the battlefield before him, a mysterious light appeared. The light was white and radiant, illuminating
the entire space before him. There was also a mysterious power inside the light. The pressure was
overwhelming. Like a ripple, it shredded through the air and caused the Lords’ bodies to shake.

“Th-This is the Light of Acme!”

Lord Samsong grew excited. He came here for this light. Now that the Light of Acme was before him,
he was overjoyed. However, he did not act recklessly, as more than ten Acmeans had perished here.
Even as a Ninth Stage Lord, he could potentially perish here if he let his guard down.

“What should we do, Lord Samsong?” A Lord asked. “How should we divide the Light of Acme?”

Lord Samsong said, “Everyone will have a piece of the pie. Now, we should find a way to bring the
Light of Acme back and conduct research on it. Together, we will comprehend Acme Power.”
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Hearing this, the others breathed a sigh of relief.

“Let’s go.”

Lord Samsong’s body flashed as he leaped from the mountain’s peak and landed on the ground below.
The others also followed suit.

There were too many corpses and skeletal remains there. Some were humanoid, while others
belonged to unknown creatures. There were all sorts of Chaotic Treasures in the form of weapons and

Their arrival seemed to have spooked the Chaotic Treasures here, which soared to the sky and
escaped from the region. Upon witnessing this spectacle sight, the other Lords were dumbfounded.

At that moment, many of them began to seize the treasures for themselves.

“Stay put!”

Lord Samsong yelled.

However, seeing that these Chaotic Treasures were about to slip away, the other Lords paid no heed to
Lord Samsong and hurriedly gave chase.

James was tempted as well.

There were simply too many treasures.

He remained where he stood and immediately performed Chaos Power. A powerful force materialized,
locking down the Chaotic Treasures that were trying to escape. These Chaotic Treasures possessed
the consciousness of their previous owners and tried to resist. However, James managed to suppress
them all with his powerful Chaos Power and completely wiped out their consciousness before storing
them away in the Celestial Abode.

Lord Samsong’s face darkened as he glanced at James.


At that moment, an explosion occurred.

Countless skeletal remains soared to the sky. Then, the earth shattered, and a profound fissure
appeared, from which overwhelming evil energy poured out.

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