The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3897

Chapter 3897

Those who obtained Chaotic Treasures hurriedly retreated to the rear and stared at the anomaly before
them. A fissure just appeared, and it was so unbelievably profound that even one’s Zen could not
penetrate it. Black evil energy poured out, and it soared to the sky and permeated the surroundings,
creating a frightening scene.

“What’s going on?”

“Something seems to have been awakened.”

“There must be something sleeping in the depths. Our arrival has stirred them from their slumber.”

Many said.

James stared at the fissure below him.


Suddenly, the roar of a beast reverberated throughout the region. Then, cracks began to appear on the

James and the others hurriedly retreated to the rear and arrived at the peak of a mountain behind
them. The earth shattered, and a humongous creature emerged from within it. Its head was millions of
meters in height, on which there was a horn that radiated a black light. It was frightening to gaze upon.
Soon, the creature came into full view. It was a huge beast that took on an appearance of a bull. It was
covered in black scales all over its body, and its four limbs were like pillars that supported the heavens.
A terrifying power that surpassed even the Nine-Power Macrocosm Power emerged from within the
beast’s body. Seeing this, even Lord Samsong and James could not help but shiver.

“I-Is this Acme Power?”

“A beast at the Acme Rank?”

“No way!”

Many Lords were dumbfounded and wore horrified expressions on their faces. Even though they were
Lords, they still felt fearful in the face of such an overwhelming powerful beast.

“Prepare for battle.”

A sword materialized in Lord Samsong’s hand as he stared at the beast before him, saying, “The Light
of Acme is just straight ahead. We need to get rid of the beast before we can proceed.”

The other Lords brandished their weapons, which were all Chaotic Treasures.
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James stood at the peak of the mountain as he stared at the beast before him. Upon sensing the power
within the beast’s body, he furrowed his eyebrows and murmured, “Is this Acme Power? Is this a beast
that has reached the legendary Acme Rank and has surpassed a Ninth Stage Lord?”

James summoned the Demon-Slayer Sword and braced himself. Faced with a beast that could be at
the Acme Rank, the desire for battle surged in his heart. He wanted to fight against a beast at that
legendary rank.


Lord Samsong ordered.

In an instant, he appeared above the beast and slashed. His radiant sword fell and struck the beast.
Though he had summoned the Nine-Power Macrocosm Power, he could not hurt the beast at all. Even
its scales were unscathed.

Lord Samsong’s face paled.

At that moment, other Lords launched their own attacks. However, the beast opened its mouth and
spurted out a gust of powerful wind. These Lords were all blown away and plummeted to the ground. A
dozen Fifth Stage Lords stood no chance against a single attack of the beast and were defeated easily.

Seeing this, James took a deep breath.

This was insane. To think that a beast at the legendary rank would be so terrifying…

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