The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3901

Chapter 3901


James was at a loss for words.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course. Why would I lie?” the bird said in distaste.

James asked again, “What about the Omniscience Path? There’s no way to progress further past the
Omniscience Path’s Third Stage. I only happened to cross into the Fourth Stage by chance. But after
reaching this stage, I won’t be able to continue further. What should I do in this case?”

“This…” the bird stammered.

“You don’t know?” James looked at him.

“Bullsh*t.” Annoyed, the bird said arrogantly, “There’s nothing I don’t know in this world. The
Omniscience Path is all you wish to know? That is but a piece of cake. Who says that the Third Stage
is the furthest you can go? It’s because you haven’t found the right path yet.”

Hearing this, James was intrigued.

Even Yukia Dearnaley said that the Omniscience Path had a dead end, yet here was this bird claiming

“What should I do to continue cultivating?” James looked at the bird in anticipation.

The bird said with a serious look on his face, “Simple. Find an Acmean and ask him to use Acme
Power to relax your tendons and open up the paths inside your body.”

James rolled his eyes. This was simply redundant. Find an Acmean? Where?

“There’s a way,” the bird said.

“Oh?” James asked, “What way?”

The bird said, “The Omniscience Path was severed during the battle long ago by a mysterious,
powerful individual who limited the potential and constrained the development of all living beings. That
was why a certain powerful individual branched out of the Omniscience Path and chose to open up a
new cultivation path. He kept consuming Empyrean Herbs and searching for herbs that could increase
one’s bloodline power and bodily qualities in the hopes of reactivating the severed Path.”
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Severed? A certain individual in the past had divined the same thing, but no one knew about the
specific details. Now that a mere bird was telling him everything, James was intrigued.

“Which battle are you referring to? What do you mean severed? What happened in the Dark World in
the past?”

“You’re still too weak to understand all this, kid.”

James rolled his eyes.

“Am I weak?”

He did not believe that he was weak. He had cultivated the unprecedented Chaos Path, and his
strength was not beneath a Ninth Stage Lord. Was he really considered weak? If he was weak, there
would be no strong individuals in the world.

The bird scrutinized James from head to toe and murmured, “Indeed, you’re pretty strong. However,
you should do the research yourself. This is a secret taboo to unearth. I cannot say more than that, or
else I’ll be in deep trouble.”

The bird bluffed non-stop. In truth, it knew nothing at all. However, in front of a human, it could not
reveal its ignorance.

“Are you a Gorger? What’s the relationship between you and the Gorger in the Twelfth Universe?”
James looked at the bird.

At that moment, the bird chirped a few times before flapping its wings and disappearing from James’

James froze. By the time he collected himself, a primordial power had surfaced, shaking the earth in
the process.

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