The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3904

Chapter 3904

James learned many things from the bird. He was doubtful of the information’s authenticity, but the
information should be true in all likelihood. Now, all he wanted to know was information regarding
Jabari. However, before he could pose his question, the bird had disappeared.

“What a mysterious bird…”

James looked in the direction of the bird and scanned his surroundings. If he turned back, he would
return to the ancient battlefield and the city in the sky. His only option was to head to the city in the sky
and find a way to make a detour.

The Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone was vast, and he had no idea where he was currently. Without any
hesitation, his body flashed, and he appeared on the ancient battlefield.

The bull-like beast was enraged, and its deafening roars shook the earth and shattered the void. The
scenery seemed akin to the apocalypse.

The moment James appeared on the battlefield, the beast charged toward him.

Back then, James did not use his full strength. Now that he roughly knew the beast’s strength, he
wanted to have a serious fight with the beast. He was curious to see just how powerful a beast that was
infinitely close or perhaps having surpassed the Acme Rank in the past would fare against him in a

As his mind stirred, he instantly entered the state of the Omniscience Path. His aura soared at that
moment, and immense power surged forth from within his blood. His energy and concentration
increased drastically, and he catalyzed the Chaos Power inside his body. At that moment, his aura had
reached its pinnacle. He was now at his strongest. Ever since reaching this rank, he had not once used
his full strength. Even when he was in the unknown region in the Dark World, he did not activate the
Omniscience Path’s Fourth Stage.


A dark light materialized, and a black sword appeared in his hand.

He had obtained many Chaotic Treasures on the ancient battlefield, and many of them were much
more powerful than the Demon-Slayer Sword. However, he opted for the latter regardless since the
Demon-Slayer Sword was given to him by Thea.

The beast’s speed was extraordinary. Though they were hundreds of light years apart, the beast
appeared before him almost in an instant. In front of the humongous beast, James was simply too
minute and insignificant.

The beast raised its leg and stomped James. Before it could crush James, a terrifying pressure came
shredding through the air and shattering the void. The void in this region immediately collapsed, and
countless fissures appeared in the surroundings.

“Break!” James roared and charged toward the foot of the beast after imbuing all his power into the
Demon-Slayer Sword and summoning a radiant Sword Energy.
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Sword Energy struck the beast’s foot and immediately pierced through it. However, the damage
seemed insignificant to the beast. As its foot slammed toward James, James could feel a terrifying

He tried summoning his full strength to resist. However, there was a power disparity between the two.
Even though he activated the Omniscience Path’s Fourth Stage, he was still significantly weaker than
the beast.

He was overwhelmed by the pressure. Instantly, he sheathed his sword, and he disappeared without a


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