The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3905

Chapter 3905

The moment he disappeared, the beast’s foot slammed against the ground. In an instant, dust and
pebbles swirled in the air, and a profound fissure appeared on the ground.

At that moment, James appeared on the beast’s head and repeatedly swung the Demon-Slayer Sword
in his hand. Waves of Sword Energy materialized and struck the beast. Back then, he could not make a
dent in the beast’s defenses. Now that he had reached the Omniscience Path’s Fourth Stage, his
strength was now sufficient to shatter the beast’s black scales. However, these attacks were not fatal to
the beast.


Upon being injured, the beast was enraged as an overwhelming aggressiveness was exuded from its

After the short exchange of blows, James understood just how terrifying the beast was. Since he could
not eradicate the beast despite using his full strength, he catalyzed the Space Path and entered the
void to make his escape. Meanwhile, the beast distorted all space and pursued James relentlessly.

The beast pursued James relentlessly all the way and only stopped giving chase only when James
entered the city in the sky.

James did not dare enter the city either. Though he was curious about the city’s interior, he did not dare
venture into the city for there were many shadows whose aura was not beneath that of the beast
inside. If he was trapped inside, it would be difficult for him to escape.
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So, he did not enter the city but rather circumvented it. Then, he arrived at another ancient battlefield,
on which there were skeletal remains, weapons, and treasures all over the place. However, most of the
treasures were already shattered to pieces.

As James traversed through the battlefield, he simply stored all the treasures he encountered along the
way. Though they were broken, they were still valuable materials regardless. If he brought them back to
the Twelfth Universe and refine them once more, they would turn into powerful treasures. Even if they
could not be restored back to Chaotic Treasures, they would still be Quasi Chaotic Treasures.

The ancient battlefield was huge, around 30 million light-years in distance. The region was simply
desolated and devoid of all signs of life.


At that moment, a mysterious light glimmered straight ahead. The light was white and possessed
immense power.

“The Light of Acme?”

James was overjoyed.

He was familiar with the light’s power for it was the Light of Acme which he encountered not too long
ago and was seized by Lord Samsong. To think that he would meet the Light of Acme once more. He
was tempted to store the Light of Acme away when he remembered the bird’s words.

The Light of Acme was equivalent to the Light of Death, and any living being that was contaminated by
the light would perish.

Doubtful, he pondered whether he should take the Light of Acme along with him. After weighing the
pros and cons, James planned to test things out. His body flashed, and he appeared before the Light of
Acme. The moment he approached the light, however, he could sense a terrifying power. Under the
power’s suppression, he could feel a searing pain coming from his skin. Unable to stand the

overwhelming pressure, cracks began to appear on the surface of his skin, from which blood began
oozing out.

“What power… No wonder the bird said that no living being in this world would be able to resist the
Light of Acme… As expected of the Light of Death…”

James took a deep breath.

However, he did not give up. That was because the Light of Acme was the combined power of many
deceased Acmeans. Albeit terrifying, the benefits would be enormous as long as he could take the light
back. Even if he could not refine his physical body, he could research Acme Power and comprehend
more about the matter.

James raised his hand, and an immense power gathered in his palm that forcibly imprisoned the Light
of Acme and stored it away in the Celestial Abode. Though terrifying, the Light of Acme did not fight
back. As such, James managed to store the Light of Acme away easily.

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