The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3909

Chapter 3909

After some time, he slowly said, “That’s right, I was abducted here. I am a living being of the Seventh
Universe. One day when I was in the midst of closed-door cultivation, a gust of black mist swept toward
me and brought me here. I don’t know where this place is. I only know that everyone here was
abducted here.”

James scanned his surroundings. Under his Zen sensation, there were approximately 50 million living
beings on the island. Were they all abducted here? James could not believe this. Who and why were
they abducted here?

James took a seat and asked, “Can you tell me more about this place?”

The elderly man glanced at James. He could not see through the young man before him. Based on the
fact that James was able to barge in, he knew that James must be an extraordinary individual. Such a
powerful individual was worth befriending for perhaps he could bring him out of this place.

“This is a mysterious place protected by a mysterious Formation. Once you are abducted, you cannot
leave. There’s only one way to leave this place.”

James asked, “And what’s that?”

The elderly man said, “You will have to ascend the stories one by one. Once you reach the eighteenth
floor, you will be free to leave.”

“Ascend?” James froze.

“Yes,” the elderly man explained, “this is a spatial fold divided into eighteen stories. This is the first
story and also the lowest floor.”

Then, he pointed at the ancient battlefield.

“Do you see the battlefield?”
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“Mhm.” James nodded.

The elderly man explained, “There are mysterious shadows on the battlefield. These shadows are not
living beings, but rather mysterious existences that seemed to be created by some powerful individuals.
By entering the battlefield and defeating those shadows, you will be able to obtain a cultivation

“There’s only one way to ascend to the next story. You must defeat the shadows, obtain three
cultivation methods, and comprehend them. That way, you will be able to break the spatial barrier and
arrive at the next space.”

“By analogy, you need to cultivate and comprehend more cultivation methods if you wish to reach the
higher spaces. They say that when you reach the eighteenth floor, you’ll need to comprehend more
cultivation methods and Supernatural Powers to break through the eighteenth floor’s spatial barrier.”

Hearing this, James was stunned.

Defeat the shadows and obtain the cultivation methods in order to break through the spatial barrier? It
was simply unbelievable. What was this place exactly?

James stroked his chin as he contemplated.

“I’m curious to see if I can head to the next floor if I don’t cultivate the cultivation method here.”

James sensed his surroundings. Indeed, there was Jabari’s lingering aura present there. However,
Jabari was nowhere to be seen. This meant that Jabari had already headed to the other spaces. He
also sensed that there was a shapeless barrier in the air.

His body flashed, and he appeared in mid-air, exuding an immensely powerful aura. As his aura surged
forth, he immediately became the center of attention. His aura caused the void on the island to distort
and become illusory.

“Who is he?”

“What a powerful aura…”

“He must be at the Lord Rank.”

“Why can’t I sense Macrocosm Power on him? Is he not a Lord?”

“If so, why is his aura so strong?”

James’ aura made him the center of attention. Those who were in closed-door meditation inside the
pavilions stopped and observed James. Even those who were in the midst of a battle against the
shadows could not help but stare at him.

“What is he up to?”

“Is he trying to use the outside world’s power to break the spatial barrier here?”

“What the…”

“This is the first time since forever. There was once a powerful individual who tried to break the spatial
barrier but failed. Following that, he then cultivates the cultivation methods step by step.”

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