The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3910

Chapter 3910

It was a magical place. As such, no outside power could break the spatial barrier here. Only by
cultivating the cultivation methods, Supernatural Powers, and secret arts here and combining them with
one’s power can one break through the spatial barrier. Not only that, one required a total of three
combinations. Now, another individual who wished to break through the spatial barrier with his power
had emerged.

Countless gazes were fixed on James.

James raised his arm, and Chaos Power gathered in his palm. Then, he appeared before the spatial
barrier in an instant and struck with great force. Powerful Chaos Power then struck the spatial barrier.


At that moment, the earth shook. The shapeless spatial barrier in the sky immediately became
distorted. As the spatial barrier was distorted, immense power materialized from within and forcibly
devoured James’ attack, which disappeared into nothingness.

James attacked a few more times. However, each time, his attack would be devoured and dissolved.

He descended from the sky and landed on the peak of a mountain.

“How mysterious…”

He murmured to himself, “My power is very terrifying already. Few if any objects in the twelve universes
and the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths of the Dark World can resist my attack. The same can’t be said
about the spatial barrier here, however. The one who set up this spatial barrier must be an Acmean.”

James took a deep breath. Since he could not break through the spatial barrier, he could only take this
one step at a time. With his strength and mastery, he could defeat the shadows and comprehend the
cultivation methods with ease.

His body flashed, and he appeared on the ancient battlefield.

There were many shadows on the battlefield.
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The moment he appeared, he encountered a humanoid shadow whose appearance could not be
discerned. Holding an illusory sword in his hand, the shadow charged toward James.

James raised his hand and easily deflected the shadow’s attack. Immense power surged forth and
struck the shadow, which then began to crack and disintegrate.

As the shadow disappeared, an ancient jade piece fell to the ground.

James casually picked the jade piece up.

His body flashed, and he disappeared from the ancient battlefield. When he reappeared, he was
already in a pavilion on the peak of a mountain. Sitting in a lotus position, his Zen entered the jade
piece that was hovering before him. In an instant, the jade piece began to glow, and some characters
began to materialize. This was an ancient character, profound and mysterious. However, at James’
rank, he could read any script.

“The Fists of Wrath…”

James looked at the characters before him.

This was a Supernatural Art, an extremely powerful technique.

James studied the Fists of Wrath seriously. At his rank, comprehending these characters was but a
piece of cake. At a simple glance, he could easily master and comprehend the characters.

Soon, he was done comprehending the Fists of Wrath. This was an extremely powerful Supernatural
Power that used one’s power in combination with a secret art to form a terrifying force. Materialized

from one’s fist, the Supernatural Power brings forth a destructive power. The only downside was that
one needed to transform one’s power into Murderous Energy. As this was a technique that required
strong killing intent, one’s state of mind must be high. Otherwise, one would be devoured by one’s
Murderous Energy.

James closed his eyes and began cultivating.

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