The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3911

Chapter 3911

The Chaos Power in his body began to transform into terrifying Murderous Energy at that moment.
Overwhelming Murderous Energy surged forth, and James seemed to be the reincarnation of the devil
at that point.

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He punched the air, and terrifying Murderous Energy permeated the air. In an instant, the earth shook,
and a terrifying battle ripple shredded through the air.

Cultivating the Fists of Wrath was easy. After cultivating the Fists of Wrath, James reappeared on the
battlefield and easily defeated two shadows and obtained two cultivation methods. These two
cultivation methods were unbelievably precious. In the outside world, they would be sought after by all
Ancestral Gods. Here, on the other hand, one would be able to obtain them simply by defeating a few

After obtaining two cultivation methods, James began cultivating once more. Before long, he had
cultivated them successfully. At the same time, he used the three cultivation methods in combination
with his own strength and easily shattered the spatial barrier of the first story before arriving at the
second story.

The second story’s environment was similar to the first, with the only difference being that the living
being there was greater in strength. The first story was full of living beings in the Mystical Ancestral
God Rank. There were even some who had yet to cross into the Ancestral God Rank. The second
story, on the other hand, was different. Most of them were at the Terra Ancestral God Rank.

After asking around, James learned that passing through the second floor required him to comprehend
six Supernatural Powers.

James barged into the unknown island.

The first story… The second story… The third story…

James ventured forth. Soon, he arrived at the fourteenth story.

He would receive some mysterious cultivation methods on every floor and comprehend them easily.
After cultivating them, his understanding of the cultivation methods in the Dark World grew increasingly
profound. He seemed to have found the similarities between the Dark World and the Illuminated World.
However, he felt as if he was missing out on something. Just a little more and he would understand the
whole truth.

On the fourteenth story…

When James arrived, he could sense a familiar presence.


James’ heart trembled. Images of Jabari perishing on the battlefield resurfaced in his mind. To defeat
the more powerful Heaven’s Adjudicators, Jabari performed Blossoming, the Forbidden Art he created.
However, as his comprehension was limited, he could not perform a complete Blossoming. As such, he
could only sacrifice himself and use his own life to replenish the Karma Path and the Five Great Paths.
In the end, he managed to deal an effective blow against a Heaven’s Adjudicator. So many years had
passed, and he had finally found Jabari in the Dark World.

Upon sensing Jabari’s presence, he immediately headed in his direction.

In a pavilion in the northern mountains on the fourteenth floor, Jabari was sitting in a lotus position on
the ground while exuding a powerful aura. Meanwhile, beside him was a glamorous-looking woman
who was dressed in a white dress and exuded a charismatic aura.


James suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“Who’s there?”

Stunned, the woman raised her arm and struck James. Her attack contained Five-Power Macrocosm
Power and was incredibly terrifying.

James raised his arm and easily deflected the attack.

At that moment, Jabari who was in the midst of cultivating stood up. Just as he was about to lend the
woman a helping hand, he immediately froze upon seeing James and exclaimed, “James?”

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