The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3913

Chapter 3913

There were some differences between the living beings of the Dark World and the Illuminated World.
The moment a living being of the Illuminated World stepped into the Dark World, his presence would
immediately be detected. This meant that the living beings of the Illuminated World would have a tough
time moving around in the Dark World.

“What happened?” Jabari asked puzzledly.

James fell into deep contemplation. After some time, he said, “Back then, you sacrificed yourself and
performed Blossoming the Forbidden Art…”

James began to narrate the past events — from Jabari’s death, the Fourth Calamity on Earth, Thea
becoming the Ancestral God Rank Elixir, resolving the crisis of the Fourth Calamity, using the Time
Capsule to return to the Primeval Age in search of Thea, the creation of the Thirteenth Universe, his
death in the Thirteenth Universe, his cultivation of Chaos, his return to this age, his journey to the First
Universe, his encounter with Sienna Callahan, and him teaching the Path in the Twelfth Universe
before finally arriving at the Dark World. James narrated all the events that happened in the past.

“I came here to the Dark World with two objectives in mind. One, I came here in search of Yukia
Dearnaley to learn more about this world. Two, I came here searching for you. I detected your
presence in the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths in the Dark World. Then, I found your aura in the
Xaadsans. There, I learned that you had escaped to the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone, hence my

James narrated the events that occurred at the Xaadsans.

“Nonsense!” Xulia berated James.

James knew that events did not transpire as people say. He knew that Jabari had no interest in gaining
power. So why would he be involved in so many conspiracies just to be the Patriarch of the Xaadsans?

Jabari said, “That’s not true. Xulia and I met as we trained together. We overcame many obstacles
together. In the end, she brought me to the Xaadsans where I stayed for some time. The Xaadsans are
a huge family. As such, they have many internal conflicts. Though Xulia’s father is the Patriarch, many
people are disgruntled. My appearance instilled a sense of urgency and danger in them. If they allow
me to grow further, Xulia’s bloodline will be able to have complete control of the Xaadsans. So, they
concocted a plot to frame me and Xulia. As I was poisoned, I was no match for them. So, I could only
escape alongside Xulia.”

Jabari briefly explained the chain of events that occurred.

“Mhm.” James nodded slightly and said, “We just have to annihilate them once we leave the
Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone.”

James said nonchalantly for he could not care less about the Xaadsans.

“By the way…” James looked at Jabari and said, “We entered a palace together when we were in the
Dark World back then. The palace was left behind by Yukia, and you used a Guqin to decipher the
message she left behind. What exactly did she leave behind? Why did you tell me that you intend to
follow Yukia’s footsteps in the Dark World when you died?”
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James came searching for Jabari because he wanted to learn more about Yukia.

Hearing this, Jabari’s expression turned grim as he glanced at James. He already knew about these
things long ago. However, as James was still weak back then, he did not wish to shoulder him with an
unnecessary burden. That was why he chose to keep this a secret from him.

Now, James was already a powerful individual.

Ever since Jabari entered the Dark World, the providence he encountered was bountiful, and his
strength increased drastically. Though he only entered the Dark World for about an Epoch, he was

already a Sixth Stage Lord. Even so, he could not see through James’ cultivation base.

James had told him about his cultivation of Chaos, his journey to the First Universe, and his preaching
of the Path in the Twelfth Universe. Yet, he did not tell him anything about his mastery of cultivation.

“James, what’s your cultivation base at the moment?” Jabari asked.

James answered truthfully, “I’m no longer in any rank. My strength should be equivalent to a Nine-
Power Macrocosm Ancestral God or a Ninth Stage Lord. Perhaps I have surpassed even that.”

Jabari took a deep breath. Even Xulia beside him was stunned by James’ rank.

He said, “At your rank, you certainly have the right to learn of this information. I shall now tell you the
whole truth. However, you need to brace yourself. What I’m about to tell you will completely change
your understanding of this world.”

“Mhm, I understand.”

James was desperate to know what had Yukia left behind. Not only that, but he was also curious to
know what had happened before the Illuminated World was created and the events that occurred in the
Dark World.”

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