The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3915

Chapter 3915

“In the beginning, the living beings of the Primordial Realm were almost completely unable to cultivate
anymore. It was Yukia who created a brand-new cultivation system. Besides, Yukia sowed forty-nine
Universe Seeds in the Chaos so that the human race would once have a new environment. The
Universe Seeds transformed into brand-new universes. As the power of Heaven and Earth of this
universe was free from contamination, a new environment was created for the Human Race and even
the living beings of other races in the Primordial Realm.”

James furrowed his eyebrows and asked, “This means that the current Dark World has been
contaminated by foreign malevolent energy. Does this contamination have any effect on the living
beings in the Dark World? I didn’t notice anything amiss, nor did I see any evidence that the malevolent
energy have any effect on the living beings of the Dark World.”

Jabari explained, “That’s because the living beings of the Primordial Realm have gotten used to the
power. That’s why there isn’t any effect on them. The living beings in the outside world are the ones
who aren’t contaminated. As such, these beings will be corroded upon arriving at the Dark World. In the
end, his physical body will be corroded, and even the remnants of his soul will become an evil spirit.
Although the power of the current Dark World has no effect on the living beings here, the effects will
begin to manifest once one reaches the pinnacle of the Ninth Stage Lord Rank. One will become
insane and lose all consciousness.”

Hearing this, James remembered the humongous beast he encountered on the ancient battlefield.
Perhaps it was the power of the Dark World that caused it to go insane.

“What is the truth Yukia has been seeking all along?” James asked.

Yukia left behind many messages stating that she intended to pursue the truth.

Jabari explained, “Yukia is the last powerful individual of the Primordial Realm’s Human Race. Faced
with an utterly destroyed homeland, she was filled with despair and helplessness. All this while, she

remained in the shadows and guided the development of the Primordial Realm. The truth that she
seeks is simple. She wishes to lead the Human Race and the Primordial Realm and return to the
Greater Realms.

“Cultivation is divided into fifty. After discarding the other forty-nine, the myriad of beings transformed
into three, before dividing into two and arriving at one. In Yukia’s message, ‘Cultivation is divided into
fifty’ refers to the fifty powerful individuals of the Primordial Realm in the past. However, forty-nine of
them perished on the battlefield and were transformed into forty-nine Universe Seeds. They then
became the Path, which could transform into various objects. Among the fifty powerful individuals, only
Yukia remained, hence her name.”

Hearing this, James was dumbfounded. So there was a meaning to this.

“What about ‘the myriad of beings transformed into three, before dividing into two and arriving at one’?
What’s the meaning of this phrase?” James asked.
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Jabari said, “The forty-nine Universe Seeds were created after the death of the forty-nine powerful
individuals of the Primordial Realm. Yukia planted them in the Chaos, through which forty-nine
universes would be born. However, that is not Yukia’s objective. Her plan is to use the forty-nine
Universe Seeds to form a world that is not beneath the Primordial Realm in strength. The Primordial
Realm is no longer suitable for human habitation. Its power had been contaminated and could no
longer produce any Acmeans. So, a new environment is needed. Only when all forty-nine universes are
created and merged into one can a brand-new world be born. Such a world can create powerful
individuals beyond the Nine-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God Rank. This is the only way to break the
seal of the Dark World and expel the malevolent energy here.”

Hearing this, James’ mouth was agape. Jabari’s words indeed exceeded his wildest imagination.

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