The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3916

Chapter 3916

After learning about this, everything was suddenly clear now. Since the Dark World was contaminated
and the Greater Realms had annihilated all powerful figures of the Primordial Realm, the possibility
exists that there were spies among them. Once these spies spotted beings that could threaten the
Greater Realms, these beings would be annihilated. This explained the war back then. News of the
Acme Path’s reopening must have spread from the spies to ensure the complete destruction of any
potential threat. Upon hearing whispers of this conspiracy, Yukia stepped forward and stopped these
beings. Doubtful of Yukia’s intentions, they fought against her and were eradicated in the end.

However, James believed that Yukia was alive. Otherwise, she would not have been able to guide him
from the shadows.

“Where is Yukia at the moment?’ James asked.

Jabari shook his head and said, “I don’t know. When I learned about this, I have been steadfast in
searching for her. She’s too helpless and lonely in this world. Only she survived in the entire Primordial
World. I want to become stronger as soon as possible and help her out.”

Xulia, on the other hand, was stunned upon hearing this. She never thought that the Dark World would
have such a history, nor did she anticipate learning the history of the outside world.

“What’s Yukia’s real name then?” James asked.

“Just Yukia Dearnaley. Because she was the only one who remained.”

Jabari glanced at James.

“You can’t tell me her name?’ James looked at him.

After some contemplation, he said, “Based on what I know, Yukia’s real name is Thea.”


James stood up all of a sudden.

Jabari immediately said, “Calm down and listen to me.”

James sat back down.

Jabari said, “Actually, Yukia was merely a thread of a soul that escaped from the war against the
Greater Realms. After reincarnating, the soul transformed into Thea.
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“That’s right, Yukia Dearnaley is actually Thea Callahan. However, this Thea is not the one who
transformed into an Ancestral God Rank Elixir. The Thea that you know is a thread of a soul of the
Thea of the Twelfth Universe. Meanwhile, the Thea of the Primeval Age is the reincarnation of the
Yukia Dearnaley.”

Hearing this, James was stunned. However, he understood Jabari’s words. This meant that Yukia had
perished when the Greater Realms attacked the Primordial Realm, and she became Thea when her
soul reincarnated. This Thea was formed by the reincarnation of Yukia Dearnaley and was the one who
sowed the Universe Seeds and wandered every corner of the Dark World. However, this Thea also had
an avatar that reincarnated in the Twelfth Universe in the Primeval Age, whom James encountered
when he traveled back in time. A thread of this Thea’s soul transformed into an Ancestral God Rank
Elixir. After the elixir was shattered, the remnants of the soul were reincarnated once more and became
the Thea Callahan of the modern age, the one who saved James from the fire.

James had no idea where the true Thea, also known as Yukia Dearnaley, was at the moment.

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