The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3917

Chapter 3917

The Thea who was an avatar of Yukia reincarnated once more to a time where even James did not
know. Perhaps this avatar did not reincarnate but rather returned to Yukia’s original self.

“Just who exactly is my wife?” James was at a loss.

Was the Thea transformed into an Ancestral God Rank Elixir his wife or the one who existed in the
Primeval Age’s Twelfth Universe? The Ancestral God Rank Elixir was the remnant of the Thea who
existed in the Primeval Age’s Twelfth Universe. Meanwhile, the Thea who existed in the Primeval Age’s
Twelfth Universe was the remnant of Yukia Dearnaley’s soul. Yukia, on the other hand, was the
reincarnation of a powerful individual of the Primordial Realm.

James was dumbfounded. So this was the truth all along.

Jabari was feeling awkward as well. Ever since learning about this, he still found this to accept. He
never thought that Yukia, the woman whom he was infatuated with, would be Thea’s past life.
Fortunately, he encountered Xulia in the Dark World. However, even though he encountered Xulia, he
was still respectful toward Yukia. Yukia was his motivation and a figure whom he greatly respected.
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James sat in the pavilion and fell into deep thought. He was now at a loss. He thought he would be
able to find his wife if he found Thea’s reincarnation. However, the Thea whom he met was an avatar of
Yukia. Must he find Yukia in order to find his wife?

“James!” Jabari cried out.

It interrupted James’ thoughts. Dejected, he said, “Ever since Thea died after transforming into an
Ancestral God Rank Elixir, I learned that her original self came from the Primeval Age’s Twelfth
Universe. Though I found her in the Primeval Age, she has reincarnated once more. She said that we
would meet again one day if fate so desires. Now that I know that the real Thea is but an avatar of
Yukia, I find this hard to accept.”

“Don’t overthink things.” Jabari consoled him, “Everything the avatar feels will be felt by the true self as
well. The avatar’s experience is also the original self’s experience. Everything that happened between
you and Thea, no matter the one in the Primeval Age or the one who transformed into an Ancestral
God Rank Elixir, Yukia would have experienced them. Since the Thea of the Primeval Age’s Twelfth
Universe and the one who transformed into an Ancestral God Rank Elixir acknowledge you, this means
that Yukia acknowledges you as well. This means that Yukia is your real wife.”

Hearing this, James immediately got over it. He stood up and said with firm determination, “Thea has
been too helpless and lonely. She has sacrificed too much so that she can guide the Human Race
forward. I must grow stronger as soon as possible to help her out.”

Upon knowing the whole truth and Thea’s true identity, James was immediately motivated. Since
Thea’s objective was to accelerate the creation of the forty-nine universes, he had to leave the Dark
World as soon as possible and head to the outside world to find the remaining Universe Seeds in the
Chaos and stimulate the creation of the other universes. Then, he would merge these universes into
one and form a world that was not beneath the Primordial Realm. Upon doing this, he believed that
Yukia, Thea’s true self, would appear.

Jabari stood up and gave his assurance, “I was an ordinary man. Without my master, I’m a nobody. Let
us work hard and fulfill her wish.”

James nodded. Then, he stroked his chin and said, pensively, “I’m curious though, who was the one
who was offering me guidance from the shadows? Was it Yukia or one of her reincarnations?”

Jabari said, “Who cares? You only need to know that your wife Thea is the one who is making the

James glanced at Jabari and said with a smile, “Doesn’t that mean our relationship is all messed up?
Yukia’s your master, and she also just happens to be my wife. You, on the other hand, are my master.”

Jabari said awkwardly, “Who cares? From today onwards, you will be a brother to me.”

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