The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3919

Chapter 3919

His body flashed, and he appeared before Jabari.

“Jabari.” He said.

Jabari immediately stood up and looked at James, saying smilingly, “James, how’s the comprehension

James said, “I’m close. I have gained the right to break the fourteenth story’s spatial barrier. What
about you?”

Jabari said, “I’m almost there. There are still some parts that I haven’t comprehended yet.”

“Why don’t you follow me? I will take you out of here.” James said.

“Nevermind.” Jabari shook his head and said, “These cultivation methods are very profound,
considering they were left behind since the Primordial Realm’s age. This will be very beneficial to me.
The more I comprehend, the stronger I will be. I firmly believe that I will reach the Ninth Stage Lord as
long as I enter the eighteenth floor.”

“You should leave, James. The outside world needs you. The Dark World is full of malevolent beings
from the Greater Realms. They are watching the words and actions of the Dark World and even the
Illuminated World from the shadows. I speculate that Master keeps reincarnating because her strength
has not yet returned to its pinnacle. As such, she fears these malevolent spirits for she would die once
discovered. By reincarnating constantly, she would prevent her true self from being discovered. Even if
she’s annihilated, her avatars still live on. That way, hope will not be extinguished. When you return to
the outside world, be careful of the malevolent beings from the Greater Realms that linger in the Dark
World,” Jabari warned.

James, however, furrowed his eyebrows and said, “I have already been exposed. In fact, I have fought
against some of these malevolent beings.”

Hearing this, Jabari’s expression turned grim as he warned once more, “You have to be on your guard.
Based on what you said, perhaps Master purposely exposed you so that you would tie down the forces
of these malevolent beings from the Greater Realms in the Dark World. That way, she would have time
to set up her defenses.”

James nodded and said, “In any case, I will be careful. I won’t linger here for long. I will head to the
next story and leave this place as soon as possible. I wait for you outside. Then, we will fight shoulder
to shoulder, back to back.”

“Alright,” Jabari replied.

Then, James’ body flashed, and he appeared in the sky and catalyzed the cultivation methods,
Supernatural Powers, and secret arts he comprehended in the fourteenth story in combination with his
power to forcibly break the spatial barrier.

In the next instant, he was already on the fifteenth floor. The higher up he went, the fewer living beings
there were. There were only a few hundred living beings here. Though their numbers were few, their
strength was formidable, and they were at least at the Lord Rank’s Fifth Stage.

“Finally, another one.”

“It’s been so long. There’s finally another guy here on the fifteenth floor.”

“Indeed… Thousands of Epochs have passed since another living being appeared.”

“I’m bored to death. Finally, some entertainment.”Contents belong to NovelDrama.Org

The moment James appeared, he could sense many gazes fixed on him. He even sensed the
presence of battle intent.

He furrowed his eyebrows.


A light flickered, and a man appeared before him. Wearing a mischievous grin on his face, he asked,
“What’s your name, kid? Where do you come from?”

The person’s strength was strong, and he exuded a powerful aura. He cracked his knuckles, seemingly
on the verge of resorting to violence.

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