The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3920

Chapter 3920

The moment James appeared on the fifteenth floor, a powerful individual appeared before him and
asked for his name. The person exuded a fighting aura. Apparently, he was up to no good. Under
James’ sensation, he sensed that this person was at the Lord Rank’s Sixth Stage.

After scrutinizing the man from head to toe, James asked coldly, “Can I help you?”

“I’m asking you a question, kid!” The man had a fiery temper. As he took a step forward, he was
already before James. As he grabbed him by the collar, he tried to lift him up and tossed him to the

Many living beings gathered in the surroundings. They were looking forward to watching the show.
They had been trapped here for a very long time now. For many Epochs now, not a single living being
had arrived at the fifteenth floor. As such, they had fought against each other countless times and knew
each other inside out. Now that a new guy was here, they could finally watch something new.

The man’s hand touched James. However, at that moment, James mysteriously disappeared. The man
froze. At that moment, as if sensing something, he turned around abruptly. However, it was at that
moment James raised his arm and struck the man.

Their palms collided.


A terrifying battle ripple shredded through the air.

The man was immediately sent flying and crashed heavily into the ancient battlefield straight ahead.
Dust swirled in the air.

This was the fifteenth space, whose space was formidable and terrifying. Even the exchange of blows
between two Sixth Stage Lords would not cause any serious destruction. Even if certain places were

destroyed, the space possessed an immense power that could heal the shattered space in an instant.

The man collapsed to the ground and spurted a mouthful of blood.

Meanwhile, James simply remained in mid-air. As he scanned his surroundings, he said coldly, “Come
at me all at once.”

Though James’ voice was calm, it was arrogant.

The living beings all looked at one another. None dared made the first move for James demonstrated a
power so immense that they were utterly shocked.

James paid no heed to them. Instead, his body flashed, and he appeared on the battlefield below. The
moment he appeared, shadows materialized on the ancient battlefield. He performed a Grand
Supernatural Power. As he raised his hand, the shadows at the forefront were immediately pulled
toward him. As he swung his arm, terrifying power burst forth and annihilated thousands of shadows in
an instant. This scene made the spectators’ blood run cold.

“H-How strong…”

“He annihilated thousands of shadows in a single strike. How terrifying…”

Everyone was stunned.

James, however, paid no heed to them. After annihilating the shadows, mysterious cultivation methods
and Supernatural Powers dropped on the ground. As James casually waved his arm, he collected
these powers, appeared in a pavilion nearby, and began his closed-door meditation.

As James was immersed in his cultivation, the other living beings gathered.
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“He’s unbelievable.”

“Reaching the sixteenth floor is too difficult. I wonder if he can make it.”

They gathered and discussed.

James chose to ignore them. He comprehended the cultivation methods and Supernatural Powers non-

In the blink of an eye, 100 million years passed. James had been cultivating on the fifteenth floor for a
whole 100 million years. Over the past 100 million years, he had comprehended many cultivation
methods and was ready to break through the sixteenth floor.

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