The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3924

Chapter 3924

For all cultivators, time is probably the most worthless thing, especially the powerful figures at the Lord

The three powerful figures from the seventeenth space have arrived here for a long time already. Their
time here can only be calculated by Epochs.
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They knew that James was in a rush to leave. However, they could never break through the
seventeenth space to achieve the eighteenth, despite their long time here.

“Let him try.”

“Let’s go and play a game of chess.”


The three powerful figures left temporarily to head to another pavilion and started their game of chess
to pass the time. This was because cultivation was out of the question. Yahveh and Jehudi were both
Eight-Power Macrocosm Ancestral Gods who could no longer upgrade their ranks to reach that of the
Nine-Power. For Yehosheva, this could not be more true as he had reached the Lord Rank’s Ninth

While the three of them were playing chess to pass the time, James was concentrating on his closed-
door meditation. At his stage, even though the cultivation methods of the place were mysterious, he
could still easily understand them. Very quickly, he could understand enough methods to merge them
together, so he could break through the barrier.

Yet, his efforts were to no avail.

“Save your energy, James. It’s useless,” a voice appeared from afar.

James tidied up his energies and appeared in front of the three of them with a flicker. He looked at
them and asked, “Why?”

Jehudi said, “Because the way to cultivation was blocked long ago. The Omniscience Path was cut off,
and all of the potentials of living beings were cut off as well. To get into the eighteenth space, one does
not only require enough cultivation methods but must also reach the Sixth Stage of the Omniscience

“Indeed,” Yahveh nodded and added, “But the current potential of living beings can only support the
Third Stage of the Omniscience Path. After the Third Stage, all potential would be fully exploited and
one can venture no further.”

Yehosheva also looked at James and said, “It is what it is. You’ve mediated for long enough, take a

Upon hearing this, James’ eyebrows shaped into a frown. The eighteenth space can only be reached
via the Sixth Stage of the Omniscience Path? Was this a joke? Since the battle in the Primordial
Realm, this possibility had been cut off. One could only reach the Third Stage at most. Under Yukia’s
arrangement, he managed to reach the Fourth Stage, and this was a feat in itself already. Now how
could he venture into the Fifth Stage, let alone the Sixth?

“What should I do now?” James looked extraordinarily tense. He could not be trapped here. That was
not an option. There were so many other things for him to do in the outer realm. He still wanted to
search for the Universe Seed in the Chaos, summon the birth of the universe, and let these new
universes merge into a world that was no weaker than the Primordial Realm.

That way, Yukia could appear, as well as Thea.

Seeing how tense James looked, Yehosheva opened up and said, “Since you’re already here, you
can’t leave anytime soon, so stay here in peace. Perhaps after an infinite amount of time, a powerful
figure will arrive here and open up the spatial barrier of the place, setting us free.”

Yahveh said encouragingly, “Don’t ruminate over useless thoughts. At least there are a few of us here
to keep you company. If you’re too bored, go into a deep sleep. Perhaps when you wake up, you’ll be
able to leave.”

“Yep,” Jehudi advised, “There’s nothing else to do anyways apart from taking a good nap.”

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