The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3926

Chapter 3926

The Light of Acme can activate a person’s own potential and allow one to step into a higher Stage of
the Omniscience Path. This was what Lord Samsong told James after reading the records of an
ancient book.

As for whether this was the truth, James had no idea. But he did not have another choice either.

He stirred his mind and retrieved the Light of Acme or in the words of the bird, the Light of Death, from
the Celestial Abode. The Light was immensely colorful and bright. Even if James had sealed it, the
Light could still emanate a frightening level of power. This power shocked the powerful Lords who were
also present.

“What is this?” Yahveh asked with a stupefied look. He could not help but exclaim, “How powerful.”

Jehudi and Yehosheva both looked at James.

Staring at the Light of Acme before him, James explained, “This is the Light of Acme, formed by the
power that remained in the corpses of Acmeans. At least ten of them died in the same place to allow
such a Light to form.”

Jehudi took a deep breath and said, “No wonder the power is so massive.“

After summoning the Light of Acme, he looked at the bird and asked, “What should we do next?”

The bird rolled its eyes. Sure, James could pose the question, but how about the bird itself? To whom
should this question be posed? Though It had never made contact with the Light of Acme, it still put on
a wise face and said in a deep voice, “You should absorb the Light of Acme and use its power to
strengthen your physical body.”

James still felt that the bird was not reliable. But then again, what other choice did he have?

He opened up the seal of the Light. After this, all of them sensed the frighteningly strong power that
stimulated their flesh so painfully that they had to avoid any contact with it. They reappeared
somewhere far away. Even the bird could not withstand the power emanated from the Light, as it
fluttered its little wings towards a faraway place, where it felt barely bearable.

The Light of Acme’s power was so immense that even if the Light did not actively establish a target, a
Ninth Stage Lord would not be able to withstand its power. That included James when he did not
actively fight back.

He summoned his body’s Chaos Power just in time. With the Chaos Power’s protection, the Light of
Acme could no longer harm him substantively.
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“Kid, that’s not going to work,” the bird’s voice came from afar. “You need the Light of Acme to stimulate
your body, your blood, and your bones. Now that you’re shielding yourself from the Light of Acme,
there’s no point in doing all this, is there? How else are you supposed to activate your own potential
and vitality?”

Hearing this, James’ eyebrows shrugged slightly. He looked at the Light of Acme. How would he
protect himself from the Light without Chaos Power?

He took a deep breath. Now he could only put everything in the hands of fate, including his life.

He immediately revoked the Chaos Power. No longer shielded by the protection of the Power, his flesh
bore the immediate brunt of the Light of Acme. Cracks spread across his body, followed by the
continuous flow of blood.

In a short while, he was entirely covered with blood.

Seeing this, the bird’s jaw dropped.

“How scary. This is surely the Light formed by the power of Acmean’s corpses.”

The other three powerful figures could not help but be stupefied. Was this not overkill? Although they
were powerful Lords, they would not dare attempt such a cultivation method, even if it meant that they
would never be able to step into a pristinely new stage of the Omniscience Path.

At the stage that James was in, he could usually ignore pain. Yet, as the Light of Acme spread across
James, he could not help but sense how intense the pain was.

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