The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3927

Chapter 3927

The Light of Acme shone on his body, causing cracks to materialize across his body. Then, the cracks
tore apart incessantly, resulting in flesh and blood splattering all over.

His expression was twisted by the pain, as the Light of Acme continuously destroyed James’ physical

Very quickly, his physical body was annihilated by the Light of Acme. What remained of him were some
bones. The bones were not even complete, for some of them were shattered, while others had already
turned into powder.

If James could not hold up any longer and allowed the Light of Acme to continue its process of
destruction, then it would really mean the end of him. His soul had merged with his physical body a
long while ago. If all of the bones were destroyed, that would mean total death.
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He avoided the last strike in time by reappearing somewhere far away. He started summoning the body
refinement technique to recover his physical body. To this date, he has learned many secret
Supernatural arts, many of them being body refinement techniques.

He recovered very soon, but his physical body’s strength made no gains.

“It doesn’t work,” James looked at the little bird who was deep in thought and said, “This is futile. My
physical body is harmed, but no new potential has been unlocked.”

The bird said, “Maybe you should try more than once?”

“More than once?” James’s eyebrows frowned once again. He thought that what the bird proposed was
reasonable. The second time’s the charm, they say.

So he did it. James headed to the area covered by the Light of Acme. He did not use any strength to
fight back and only allowed the Light of Acme to destroy his body.

In a very short time, blood was dripping from every inch of his flesh, followed by the destruction of his
physical body, and the breaking and disintegration of his bones.

He held on regardless until he could no longer do so. Then, he would heal his body. After it recovered,
he would once again use the Light of Acme to train his body.

Once, twice, ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times…

In the beginning, the living beings within the space would still pay attention to James. But at the very
end, even they no longer looked at James and chose instead to play their game of chess. They knew
that James would not die anyways, he was only embarrassing himself.

One year, ten years, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand years… Time passed without a sound.

James used the Light of Acme to destroy his physical body for a million years, yet his physical body’s
power and inner potential had not increased.

”James, just give up. It’s useless,” the bird advised. Even the bird had lost hope, as it felt that the Light
of Acme could never activate one’s own potential.

But James did not want to give up. If he gave up just like that, he would never be able to leave this
place and will be locked here forever.

He lay on the floor. His blood formed a puddle, with bones floating upon it. The Light of Acme shone
from the sky. The colorful beams of light fell on the bones, causing them to shatter. At this moment, a
mystical energy materialized from one of these bones. This energy enveloped his entire body,
invigorating him.

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