The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3928

Chapter 3928

James’ body had been destroyed continuously by the Light of Acme. He wanted to use the Light to
stimulate the vitality of his body and activate his body’s potential. For a million years, he bit his lips and
endured never-ending suffering.

The three powerful figures of the seventeenth space have long given up. They gathered together for a
game of chess. Occasionally, they would observe James and check whether he had died.

In the beginning, the bird still remained helpful. However, as time passed, the bird’s hope slowly
dissipated. It sat on the topmost floor of the pavilion and stared into space. Just like that, almost a
million years passed.

James lay in the puddle made of his blood. His flesh had been mashed up, and all of his bones were
nearly broken. When there was only a last bit of breath in him left, vitality and zest materialized from
one of his bones, from which some mystical powers erupted.

This bone was the dragon bone, a bone he got when his cultivation base was still very small. The
dragon bone helped him a lot during that time. But as he ascended through the ranks, the dragon bone
was no longer of help to him. Its effects were almost negligible to James.

“What’s happening?” Sensing that the dragon bone was materializing new potential, James was

He did not expect that the first to be vitalized would be the dragon bone.

“What power is that?” The little bird which was perching on the topmost floor of the pavilion sensed an
uncanny power. Re-energized, it leaped and appeared in the void. Flapping its wings, it headed
towards the area where James was.

Floating in mid-air, it stared squarely at James.

Yahveh, Jehudi, and Yehosheva also sensed a similar power materializing, so they rushed toward the
direction James was in and appeared somewhere near him. They saw a bone in James’ chest
emanating colorful rays of light. The light embodied a mystical power that subsumed James, recovering
the flesh that the Light of Acme destroyed within an instant.

However, this was merely the beginning. Both James’ bones and flesh, stimulated by this power,
materialized mystical powers. New surges of vitality and potential were born, as well as a worrying
degree of zest.

James’ potential was activated, as well as his vitality. This mysterious power took over him and he felt a
sort of comfort that he has never felt before. Under the influence of such a power, his physical power
upgraded at a bizarre pace.
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Before this, his physical body’s power was equivalent to the Ancestral God Rank. But now, it rose to
that of the Macrocosm Ancestral God Rank. Essentially, this meant that even if he did not deploy any
Paths, his physical body could emit Macrocosm power.

This sight continued for quite some time before James stood up from the ground. He stretched his
joints, producing a crackling sound.

With a wave of his hand, his fist materialized an immense power that could rattle the entire space.

”I can’t believe this! You actually succeeded?!” The bird looked at James astonishingly. Disbelief was
obvious in its tiny pupils. The three powerful figures were also in a state of shock.

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