The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3930

Chapter 3930

James’ own power was activated. He reached the Fourth Stage of the Omniscience Path, allowing his
aura to rise. His body’s vitality strengthened within an instant. He sat on the ground in a lotus position,
beginning to use his own potential, zest, and vitality to nourish and bolster his physical body so that he
could reach the Fifth Stage. The Omniscience Path was a unique Combat Form that required the
stimulation of external forces and battle.

“Attack me.” James stood up immediately, looking at the bird, Yahveh, Jehudi, and Yehosheva.

The four of them had little hesitation and started appearing around James, attacking him.
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James did not deploy any Paths and purely used his physical power. As for his aggressors, they had
complete control over their energies.

In the old battlefield of the seventeenth space, James’ body emanated a white light. His aura spilled
over and formed a mystical territory. Within this territory, he was God and he controlled everything.

Other people’s attacks continuously destroyed his territory. These destructive powers spread across his
body, stimulating and training it. After receiving thousands upon thousands of attacks, his aura grew,
and so did his physical body’s power.

The battle sustained itself over many years. Throughout this time period, James’ own potential was
wholly absorbed by his physical body, allowing him to achieve the Fifth Stage of the Omniscience Path.

At the Fifth Stage, his physical body’s power is equivalent to that of a Three-Power Macrocosm
Ancestral God.

All of them gathered in a pavilion of the seventeenth space. Yahveh caressed his beard and said
smilingly, “You’ve managed to reach the Omniscience Path’s Fifth Stage, a Stage that no one has

achieved since the beginning of history. Breaking the barrier of this space requires the Sixth Stage. I
wonder how far away are you from the Sixth Stage?”

Jehudi was in a good mood as well. He chuckled loudly and said, “Haha, we can finally leave this
place. After being trapped here for such a long time, it’s been so dull. I really want to see what the outer
world looks like.”

Yehosheva was also filled with joy. She did not expect that she could actually leave this space.

The bird looked at James, saying, “Youngster, you’ve stepped into the Fifth Stage of the Omniscience
Path, but the Sixth will be very challenging.”

James was fully aware of that. But he was very confident, for he had already broken through the Fourth
and reached the Fifth. He said smilingly, “Nothing is impossible. All that’s required is time.”

The bird gave James a talons-up, praising, “James, I believe in you. It’s up to you whether I’ll ever
leave this place. Right, could I borrow the Light of Acme? I also want to see if I can reactivate my
potential that had been cut off.” The bird was tempted by James’ success in reaching the Fifth Stage.

“Sure,” James did not hesitate at all and summoned the Light of Acme. Then, he opened up the seal of
the Light. Prior to this, the power emanated from the Light of Acme could hurt him. But now that he has
reached the Fifth Stage and his physical body’s power has been escalated, the Light of Acme can no
longer inflict substantial harm on him.

This was not the case for the bird, however. While it did indeed have a high rank, its physical body was
only at the rank of an Ancestral God. Thus, the Light of Acme could still harm it. But it persevered

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