The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3933

Chapter 3933

James instantly entered the Omniscience Path’s Fifth Stage . His aura had reached the extreme.

Aside from that, after entering the Fifth Stage, all aspects of his body had improved. Upon receiving the
attacks from several powerhouses, he could dodge the attacks at critical moments.

This was the Omniscience Path, the Battle Rank. His body had formed a self-reaction. He could dodge
critical attacks automatically.

Nonetheless, it was not James’ aim. He wanted to use this battle to hone his body and enter the Sixth
Stage Omniscience Path.

“Everyone, don’t hold back. Use all your means,” James spoke up again.

After hearing James’ words, everyone no longer held back and exerted their full strength.

Everyone present was a Ninth-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God and a Ninth Stage Lord. Among them,
the little bird even reached the extreme in the Ninth-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God Rank. It could
enter the Acme Rank at any time. It was terrifying with all of them attacking together.

If James used the Chaos Power, he could resist their attacks. However, he was currently only using the
power of the Omniscience Path.

Even though he reached the Omniscience Path’s Fifth Stage and his physical power was strong, he
could not handle this sort of attack. In a short moment, he suffered from injuries.

This was the effect he wanted.

He wanted to have a breakthrough for the Omniscience Path and the Battle Rank during the battle. He
wanted to receive a new life from destruction and get a breakthrough from the predicament.

To James, the attacks from the powerhouses were his training. He continued to suffer injuries, but the
flesh and bones in his body were constantly emerging a strong power, repairing his severely injured

The battle continued for a long time. It lasted for three hundred thousand years.

During that time, James’ body had gone through training continuously, and his physical power grew
stronger and stronger.

On the battlefield, James lay on the ground with only a breath left.

His hair was messy, and his body was covered in blood.
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In the sky, all kinds of power landed and attacked his body.

It had been three hundred thousand years, and everyone knew James would not die. Thus, all of them
used all of their might to attack him.

After James suffered from attacks for three hundred thousand years, the potential in his body emerged
and assimilated into his limbs and bones.


At this moment, in James’ flesh and bones, several strange fantasy portals opened. In the fantasy
portals, a strong vitality emerged and a frightening potential erupted.

The vitality quickly entered his limbs and bones.

In an instant, James recovered and his aura increased.

With a jump, he appeared in mid-air, and his powerful aura formed a terrifying magnetic field. The
magnetic field blocked everyone’s attacks and even rebounded.

The attackers surrounding James were forced to back away.

“What a powerful aura…”

“Did he succeed?”

“The Omniscience Path’s Sixth Stage. Tsk tsk. I didn’t expect a human to reach the Sixth Stage in this

Everyone was shocked.

The aura of the Omniscience Path’s Sixth Stage was too powerful. It already surpassed the Ninth-
Power Macrocosm Ancestral God Rank. If the Sixth Stage was to this extent, wouldn’t the Seventh
Stage be on par with the Acme Rank?

James sensed the strong power in his body and let out a long breath of relief.

“I have finally entered the Omnisciece Path’s Sixth Stage.”

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