The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3935

Chapter 3935

When the shadows walked out of the palace, they changed into warriors wearing black armor. The ten
warriors knelt on the ground at the same time and said, “Greetings, Master.”

James was bewildered by the scene.

Looking at the warriors kneeling on the ground, James asked, “What’s going on?”

One of the warriors at the front responded, “You have completed the test and reached the Eighteenth
Level. According to the rules set by the previous master, you’re the new master of the Ecclesiastical
Restricted Zone.”

“Huh?” James was slightly taken aback. He then said, “Please stand up first.”

“Yes, Master.”
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The warriors stood up.

Before James could ask them questions, the little bird flew to the front and stood on James’ shoulder. It
looked at the warriors before James with a serious expression and asked, “What’s this Ecclesiastical
Restricted Zone? When was it left behind?”

A warrior at the front answered, “The Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone has existed since the Primordial
Realm. The Master of the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone is a powerhouse of the Primordial Realm. His
name is Mateo Tanner.”

The little bird asked again, “Why was the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone destroyed and became a
forbidden place?”

The warrior explained, “The Primordial Realm is one of the realms in the Greater Realms. The
Primordial Realm has a high status in the outside realms. The Human Race also expanded in the

Greater Realms, causing the hostility of other races to rise. Thus, all races in the Greater Realms allied
and suppressed the Human Race. Then, a battle between races began.”

“The Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone was one of the battlefields. On this battlefield, countless
powerhouses joined the battle, and many Outsiders died in the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone. As for
the powerhouses of the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone, most of them died in battle. Even if there were
survivors, when the Human Race lost the battle, the Outsiders would deal with the Human Race
powerhouses left behind.”

“Master knew that the Human Race would lose the battle, so he left this space behind and many
Supernatural cultivation methods. He did all this so that the Human Race wouldn’t go extinct.”

“When one enters the Eighteenth Level, one will inherit the destiny of Master Mateo and succeed the
entire Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone. Everything in the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone will be under the
control of the new master.”

After hearing all that, James could not help but sigh. Too many battles had happened in the
Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone.

On this battlefield, broken limbs and bones were everywhere. There were also all kinds of Chaotic
Treasures and several broken Chaotic Treasures. One could see how scary the battle in the Primordial
Realm was just by looking at these.

Besides, the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone was only one of the battlefields.

“Master, you only need to enter the main hall to inherit the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone and have full
control over it. We have completed our mission. It’s time for us to disappear,” said a warrior.

After the warrior spoke up, his body slowly disappeared, and soon, he was gone. The other warriors
also disappeared.

They had long been dead. All that was left was a trace of their consciousness.

Now that there was a new master for the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone, they had accomplished their

At once, the little bird flapped its wings and flew toward the main hall while shouting, “It’s mine. The
position of the new master of the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone is mine.”

James raised his hand and an illusion of a palm emerged, catching the little bird forcefully and dragging
it back. He said, “It’s mine. What does it have to do with you?”

James was not interested in the position of the master of the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone.

However, the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone was important. There were too many secrets here.
Besides, he had no idea where the little bird was from. He did not know its background either. So, how
could he let it become the master of the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone so easily?

After dragging the little bird back, James entered the main hall.

The moment he entered, the entrance to the main hall closed.

“Darn it,” the little bird cursed loudly.

The other people were also envious of James.

The restricted zone was a taboo existence, but James had become the master of the restricted zone.
There must be plenty of treasures in the restricted zone, and these treasures would all belong to

Nonetheless, they were grateful to James for bringing them out.

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