The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3937

Chapter 3937

The battle between races was cruel.

Master Mateo did not want to recall the details of it.

However, it was a disgrace to the Human Race, and the Human Race should not forget about it. They
needed to remember it.

“The Primordial Realm was one of the Greater Realms. At the same time, it was the most dazzling
realm among the Greater Realms. The reproduction of the Human Race was too strong. The size of
the Human Race also expanded in the Greater Realms. The Human Race even invaded other races
and married other races. This caused the bloodline of the other races to be impure.

“If it continued, the Human Race would become the true master of the Greater Realms one day.

“Nonetheless, this was something several races did not want to see.

“Thus, the Ten Great Races formed an alliance and held a secret meeting. In the meeting, the Ten
Great Races reached a consensus, which was to take action against the Human Race.

“The Ten Great Races allied with other races and began suppressing the Human Race. They declared
war on the Human Race.

“In the end, the powerhouses of the Primordial Realm’s Human Race joined the battle, and the
Primordial Realm became the main battlefield. During the battle, all powerhouses of the Human Race
fought in the battle, but the enemy was too strong. So, all powerhouses of the Human Race died and
failed to achieve victory.

“At the end of the battle, the powerhouses of the Human Race were wiped out, and the Ten Great
Races used Forbidden Art to seal the Primordial Realm. They also cut off the potential and vitality of

the Primordial Realm’s living beings, causing the living beings in the Primordial Realm unable to
become a true powerhouse. In this way, the Human Race would not be a threat to the other races.

“The fifty powerhouses of the Human Race knew they would lose the battle, so they made a plan
beforehand. After they died in battle, they would turn into Universe Seeds.

“Madam Thea of the Human Race, whom you mentioned, used an underhand attempt and escaped the
battlefield alive. She scattered the Universe Seeds in the Chaos outside the Primordial Realm to create
a realm as strong as the Primordial Realm and let the Human Race have a foothold.”

Master Mateo spoke up.

Thea managed to stay alive because it was the strategy of the Human Race’s powerhouses.

The powerhouses knew the Human Race would lose, so they made a backup plan.

James listened to Master Mateo attentively. Upon hearing that, he could not help but sigh.

The world was too cruel. One needed to hold absolute power to be safe.

Looking at Master Mateo, James said, “I know Thea. After the cultivation path of humans was cut off,
she made a new cultivation system. She discovered a new Macrocosm Power. However, there was an
end to this path. After reaching the Ninth-Power Macrocosm Ancestral God Rank, one could no longer

“Thea also triangulated an unknown path, which was the Chaos Path. She used me as an experiment.
Now, I have comprehended the beginning of the Chaos Path, but I don’t know how to continue this
path. Could you give me some tips?”

Hearing James’ words, Master Mateo responded, “The Chaos Path is indeed a supreme path. Even in
the Greater Realms, it’s considered to be the best. From what I know, a powerful race in the Greater

Realms mastered the supreme Chaos Path. That race was one of the Ten Great Races that wiped out
the Human Race. Besides, they started the war between races that destroyed the Human Race.

“Perhaps Madam Thea saw this race’s attacks during the battle and learned about the power of this
race. Then, she began to extrapolate it. No one expected her to succeed. Your current power is
considered strong in that race.”

After hearing that, James was slightly taken aback.

He thought the Chaos Path was an unknown path and that no one had cultivated it. He thought it was a
path created and extrapolated by Thea.

He did not expect it to be a path mastered by a powerful race in the Greater Realms.
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“What race is it?” James asked.

“The Doom Race,” answered Master Mateo. He then continued, “This race is abnormally scary. If you
meet them in the Greater Realms in the future, you have to be careful. Also, the cultivation system of
the Human Race is the Omniscience Path. It cultivates the physical body and opens the blood veins.

“Currently, I don’t know why Madam Thea extrapolated the Chaos Path, but I have to remind you not to
forget the fundamentals. The cultivation path that is most suitable for humans is the Omniscience

“Got it.” James nodded and said, “I will remember it. I will continue cultivating it.”

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