The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 3938

Chapter 3938

James had a rough understanding of the details of the battle in the Primordial Realm.

He also learned due to the powerhouses of the Human Race during the Primordial Realm Era’s
sacrifice, the twelve universes of the outside world were born.

“Now that the Human Race has a successor, I can rest in peace.”

Master Mateo looked at James and reminded, “The Primordial Realm has been contaminated by an
evil power. It’s no longer suitable for cultivation. Even if you managed to cultivate, you wouldn’t be able
to enter the Acme Rank. You need to create a new realm. To do so, you have to work hard. In the
Primordial Realm, there are spies from other races. So, you have to watch out. Before the realm rise,
you can’t be exposed. Once the spies spread the information, the powerhouses of other races will
come again. It will be a catastrophe for you.”
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“I understand.” James nodded.

However, he had already exposed himself. The power he showed was not strong, though, so the
powerhouses of other races should not notice it.


Master Mateo looked into the distance, and his gaze seemed to have passed the Ecclesiastical
Restricted Zone. It felt as if the entire Primordial Realm was under his watch, and he could sense the
current situation of the Primordial Realm. He looked sad.

“It was such a beautiful realm, but it turned out this way. What a mess. I hope the new realm can be
born successfully.”

As he spoke, he stared at James.

Then, he waved his hand and a light appeared on his fingertip. The light entered James’ mind.

At this moment, James could control the entire Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone. Everything in the
Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone was under his senses.

“Young man, the future of the Human Race is in your hands now. I have accomplished my mission…”

Master Mateo’s voice grew softer, and in the end, it disappeared. As the voice disappeared, his figure
also disappeared. Nothing was left behind.

James knew that Master Mateo was completely gone.

He walked out of the main hall. Many people were waiting outside.

Upon seeing James walk out the door, the bird immediately flew over to him and asked, “How was it?
Did you inherit the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone? What treasures are there?”

James nodded and answered, “I’ve inherited the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone, and the entire zone is
under my control now.”

Since James had become the master of the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone, he could release the
powerhouses trapped in this space if he wanted to. However, he did not plan on releasing them.

After all, the powerhouses trapped were true prodigies. Master Mateo had arranged for his
subordinates to catch them. The aim was to create powerhouses.

James knew that there would be chaos in the Dark World soon. Even the universes of the outside
realm would be in chaos. So, now was not the time to release those powerhouses.

Under his senses, he could sense that there were many Macrocosm-Rank elixirs in the Ecclesiastical
Restricted Zone. If he wanted to, he could pluck the elixirs easily.

Nonetheless, he did not want to pluck them now. Master Mateo also left his inheritance here, but
James did not plan on learning it.

James wanted to walk his own path. He wanted to walk on the Chaos Path. Only if his Chaos Path
reached the extreme could he fight with the Ten Great Races of the Greater Realm and make sure that
the status of the future Human Race was invincible.

“Hurry up and take me to the treasure,” nagged the bird.

After James learned about some secrets, his heart felt heavy. Glancing at the bird, he softly said, “The
Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone was a battlefield during the Primordial Realm Era. There aren’t any
treasures here. It’s time to leave.”

Stepping forward, he left the island.

Everyone else followed behind him.

Soon, they left the Ecclesiastical Restricted Zone.

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