The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 4104

Chapter 4104

James looked at Jethro who was sitting on the throne.

Jethro returned the gaze.

Their gazes met.

James was not afraid at all despite facing the Angel Race’s Patriarch who was a true Acmean. Even if
he could not defeat him, he could simply flee.

Both Jethro and James remained silent. The atmosphere was awkward.

‘You are Forty-nine, aren’t you?”

After some time, Jethro spoke to break the awkward silence.

“Mhm.” James nodded slightly and said, “I’m Forty-nine.”

Jethro said, ‘You may be able to fool the others, but not me.”

Hearing this, James was stunned. He murmured to himself, “Has he seen through me?”

Jethro stared at James and said, “I never thought that a member of the Human Race would be able to
overcome all obstacles and reach the Omniscience Path’s Seventh Stage even though the
Omniscience Path has been severed.”

Hearing this, James silently gathered his strength in preparation for his escape.

Upon seeing James’ expression, Jethro said, “Calm down. I would have made my move from the very
beginning if I wanted to take you down.”

James breathed a sigh of relief. However, he did not let his guard down. He simply stared at Jethro and
remained silent.
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Jethro sighed and said, “It was not my race’s intention to attack the Human Race. However,
considering that all the other major races of the Greater Realms have attacked, we would be
marginalized or even ostracized if we simply sat by the sidelines. We cannot afford this.

Besides, my race suffered enormous casualties during the war.”

‘What are you trying to say?” James asked coldly.

James disliked all the races among the Ten Great Races. If he was strong enough, he would destroy
them mercilessly to avenge the Human Race.

“I wish to remind you that though your strength is formidable, you do not stand a chance against the
combined might of every race out there. If you do not wish to meet your downfall just like the humans of
the Heaven- Eradicating Sect, do your best to avoid attracting any attention. Don’t do anything to
provoke the other races.”

Jethro warned. Then, he waved slightly and said, ‘You concealed your aura well. However, I once
befriended a human in the past. As such, I know the secret cultivation methods of the Human Race.
That’s how I was able to sense your soul’s Genesis Aura. You may leave now.”

Hearing this, James breathed a sigh of relief. Then, he simply turned to leave the main hall.

After he left, Jethro’s expression turned grim.

“Humans really are a bunch of freaks. Just like that, an individual at the Omniscience Path’s Seventh
Stage is born. If we allow him to develop further, he might be able to reach the Ninth Stage and
become the second Soren Plamen.”

Jethro contemplated.

There was a deep grudge between the Human and Angel Races. He was wondering if he should
annihilate James before he emerged as a force to be reckoned with or maybe befriend him and resolve
the deep-rooted grievances between the two races. After all, the potential of the Human Race was too
great. If the Human Race and the Heaven-Eradicating Sect concealed themselves and focused on
cultivating, a powerful individual would eventually emerge and break the hegemony of the Ten Great

‘What a headache…”

Jethro rubbed his temples.

He could not make the decision whether to kill James or allow him to continue interacting with Leilani.
The only thing he was worried about was that James and Leilani would develop a close bond.
Considering that Leilani did not have her guard up, James might be able to manipulate her and
eventually the Angel Race to do his bidding.

“I guess I will explain the situation to Leilani after the matter of the

Desolate Grand Canyon is resolved.”

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