The Omnipotent Dragon General

Chapter 4106

Chapter 4106

Chapter 4106

“Quite a crowd, huh?” James stood in space outside the Desolate Galaxy and said, “There has to be at
least a thousand of them.”

Leilani nodded and said, “Indeed, I wasn’t expecting that many people.

News of the incident has only just spread, and there are already so many people here already. As the
news spread, there would certainly be more people here. The treasure is simply too alluring, I guess. I
wonder how many would perish here…”

Hearing this, James seemed to be reminded of something as he asked,” Could this be a plot of the
Stone Race?”


Leilani glanced at James.

James said, “Perhaps the Stone Race wanted to lure the powerful individuals of the other races here
and capture them all in one fell swoop.”

Hearing this, Leilani smiled.

“You certainly overestimated the Stone Race. Even though the Stone Race is among the most powerful
of the Ten Great Races, they are still far away from overwhelming the other races. They wouldn’t dare
pull off such an endeavor.”

James asked, “What if the Stone Race knows the truth about the Desolate Grand Canyon and they are
using this against the other races?”

“Why are they doing this then?’ Leilani looked at James.

James smiled faintly and said, “Power and authority.”

This was merely his hypothesis. However, anything was possible as long as there was no conclusive

‘We’ll see.” Leilani did not wish to argue with James.

As the two approached the Desolate Galaxy, they headed toward the region. Along the way, Leilani
explained, “The Desolate Grand Canyon is located on Planet Desolation. According to the historical
records in the ancient texts, Planet Desolation was once a huge planet. Back then, the Stone Race was
still a weak race.”

Speaking of which, she seemed to remember something.

“By the way, have you heard of the Desolate Path Master?”

James shook his head and said, “Nope. Who is he?”

Leilani explained, “Throughout the history of the Greater Realms, there have been many powerful
individuals in existence. Though they vanished without a trace, there are records of their existence in
the ancient texts. The Desolate Path Master was among these powerful individuals. They say that he
originated during the period when the Space Race dominated the Greater Realms. There were also no
detailed records about their cultivation base in the ancient texts. During the period when the Space
Race ruled over the universe, he was one of the few who could stand against them. They also say that
his place of origin was Planet Desolation.”

Hearing this, James pondered for a second before asking, “Is the Desolate Grand Canyon the territory
of the Desolate Path Master?”

Leilani shook her head slightly and said, “I don’t really know. That’s because records about him are few
and far between. I have no idea whether this place is his place of origin.”

She changed the subject.

“The Desolate Grand Canyon is a unique place. They say that some powerful individuals slashed
Planet Desolation in half during the war in the Desolate Grand Canyon. However, since Planet
Desolation is a huge planet, even though it was slashed in half, a strong magnetic field
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prevented the planet from disintegrating. Meanwhile, the region that was sliced in half is the Desolate
Grand Canyon of today. They say that a mysterious space was born in the deepest parts of the canyon,
formed by the combination of a unique magnetic field and the power of the Chaos Heavenly Path.
However, no one knows for sure what there is here. That’s because no living being has ever been able
to enter the Desolate Grand Canyon since antiquity.”

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