The Supreme Harvey York

Chapter 5752

Chapter 5752
Everyone gasped after seeing Takai’s slap.
Only the experienced ones would understand what happened. By condensing his aura and launching it forward, that was how he slapped Asher.
Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to learn something like this. Judging from that move alone, Takai’s training and talent were on another level.
Harvey chuckled.
“People of the Island Nations put their swordsmanship first; the samurais there are no different.
“But you actually managed to learn something like this. It’s not perfect, but it’s enough to tell that you’ve learned a lot.
“Still, people like you have one thing in common: you’re a master of none.
“Am I wrong?”
Takai raised his head to look at Harvey, smiling faintly.
“You talk like you know your stuff, kid. That said, it can’t hide the fear in your heart.
“You know full well… That you can’t even get close to me.
“I looked into you just now. You managed to take down Henrik’s disciple, making others think that you’re almost on par with a God of War…
“But do you think you can just ignore everyone else because of that?
“You’re too naive! The world’s bigger than you think! There are a lot more people stronger than you!
“I trained for decades, perfecting everything that I wanted to learn! And yet, you said that I’m a master of none?
“How dare you? I’ll teach you a lesson for the sake of the Kawashima family!
“I’ll show you what it means to be completely outmatched!”
Takai spoke as if his words were undeniably true. It was as if Harvey’s fate had already been sealed.
He was especially infuriated when Harvey insulted his martial arts. After all, even the Great Wall considered him one of the top ten talents of the Island Nations…
However, Harvey still looked down on him.
“Harvey’s dead! How dare he insult Master Takai like that?!”
Aryan and the others scoffed after hearing Harvey’s words.
Asher wouldn’t dare show even a hint of hatred toward Takai, and covered his face.
“He’s dead for making Master Takai angry!” he exclaimed while gritting his teeth.
Nanako glared coldly.
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“Not just that! My uncle hates people
insulting his training the most! He’d
destroy those who do that to him
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Whitley and the others showed expressions of agreement.
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Other than to fawn over the
Kawashima family, nobody. keptr
that a kupa
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He was so arrogant, to the point he’d actually threaten Stefan! Surely he had to pay the price for this!
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Only Billie, Romina, and the others seemed worried-but it wasn’ like m they had a say in the situation, either. Visit to read the latest chapter of this novel

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