The Wrong Woman

Chapter 560

After lunch, as Mila was about to leave for the hospital, Wendy cornered her for a chat.
“Mila, is Nate seeing someone else?” Wendy asked, her tone laced with mystery.
“No, absolutely not!” Mila was caught off guard.
Wendy arched an eyebrow skeptically. “Something feels off. He acts so jittery around you and cares about you, but your attitude toward him seems distant, especially since you had the baby. There must be some issues between you two!”
Mila smiled, feeling pressured to protect Nathan’s reputation. She quickly explained, “Nathan isn’t having an affair, Wendy, please don’t overthink.”
“Why, then?”
“It’s all in the past.” Mila didn’t want to dwell on it as it was a matter between her and Nathan.
Wendy sighed, “It’s okay if you’re not ready to discuss it. But let me offer you some advice: try to be more understanding.
“Nate’s obligations are unique. He can’t just leave everything behind like Taylor can. He can’t be by your side and with the child every day.
“You have to adjust sooner rather than later. He’s committed to the nation, comrades, and people. He can’t belong to you alone, do you understand?”
At that moment, Mila had an epiphany. Wendy’s words hit her with a profound realization, surpassing any lesson years of experience might offer. Mila hadn’t expected Wendy’s depth of insight, perhaps it stemmed from Wendy’s age and the wisdom cultivated through her own marriage.
All of a sudden, Mila felt a weight lift off her shoulders.
Nathan wasn’t being unfaithful. His responsibilities compelled him to leave Mila. He rescued Fenna because they were comrades. Ignoring Mila’s calls and turning off his phone wasn’t his intention. He didn’t make any unforgivable mistakes either.
Feeling relieved, Mila smiled and said, “Thank you, Wendy.”
“You haven’t been married long. If there’s anything you can’t handle, you can come to me,” Wendy said, proudly while patting her chest. “have experience. Just look at how well Taylor and I manage. I’ve I mastered the art of handling a husband.”
Mila smiled subtly and nodded. “All right, I’ll come to you when I can.”
Wendy patted Mila’s shoulder and said, “Off you go.”
Mila exited the house and settled into the car beside Nathan.
Concerned she might get cold, Nathan reached behind for a blanket and draped it over her legs.
This time, Mila refrained from saying thank you. She avoided seeming too formal and created distance between them.
After receiving instructions from the doctor, Nathan and Mila finished the discharge paperwork at the hospital.
Holding his son, Nathan felt an
overwhelming wave of nervousness. His hands trembled, sweat dotted his forehead, and he was afraid to breathe too hard. He was worried he might mishandle his fragile baby.
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During the journey home, Nathan.
cradled the baby throughout the trip. m
Mila rested against Kim, peering over to admire their child. Her face glowed with a sweet smile that spoke volumes of her deep O The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
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“His nose is so tiny, can he breathe properly?” Mila asked. She reached
out a finger to feel the baby’s breath, only easing her worry when she
sensed his gentle exhale. The
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Nathan’s gaze lingered on Mila. It had been a long while since she had been this close to him. His heart brimmed with excitement.
He cherished the sound of her gentle voice and the glow of her smile, making the
hurried return from work entirely worthwhile.
Their son stood as the unbreakable bond in their marriage. Gratitude washed
over Nathan as he looked at their son.
Mila tucked the baby in tighter and looked up at Nathan. Their eyes locked, and Nathan’s gaze was so intense it felt like it pierced her soul.
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Her heart fluttered, and she glanced away quickly. “Are you exhausted? Do you want me to hold him for a bit?” Mila’s worry for Nathan was clear in her voice. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!
Nathan was taken aback again, his heart pounding. He hesitated briefly before
saying, “No, I’m fine.”

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