The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2789

Chapter 2789
“Well,” Leon was rendered speechless.
He knew that supreme spiritual herbs were valuable and families like the
Dagleshs could not possibly sell Emperor Herb for money.
Hence, he could not argue with Candice’s logic.
“Candice, I’ll say this one last time. Be polite to Mister Wolf. If you keep this
attitude up, I will have you punished!” Elder Daglesh glared at Candice with
Though what she said was right and they could not sell the herb to Leon,
Candice was far too young and reckless.
She insulted Leon multiple times and Elder Daglesh was glad that Leon did not
take it personally.
Still, he could not allow her to keep it up or she may eventually provoke Leon.
“I-” Upon hearing that she would be punished, Candice dared not to argue and
quieted down.
“Elder Daglesh, are you sure you can’t sell the Emperor Herb to me?” Leon knew
that he was in the wrong and did not take Candice’s words personally.
He glanced at Elder Daglesh in disappointment and resignation.
“Mister Wolf, Candice is right. We won’t sell the Emperor Herb! If you reed it, I
can give it to you as a gift,” Elder Daglesh said thoughtfully.
Though tens of millions were a small fortune, the Dagleshs could afford the loss
and did not need to sell Emperor Herb to Leon over money.
He might as well give it away as a gift so that Leon owed them a favor and a
favor was far more valuable than money.
“What?” Leon and the others were all stunned.
Leon initially thought that Elder Daglesh would not sell Emperor Herb.
Disappointed, he was ready to give up.
To his bewilderment, Edler Daglesh claimed that he did not wish to sell the
Emperor Herb, but instead offered to give it to Leon as a gift.
This completely caught him by surprise and the others were all stunned as well.
None of them expected Elder Daglesh to give Emperor Herb away for free.
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This was surreal. If they had not
heard it directly from Elder Daglesh,
they would have never believed it to
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I” !

Grandpa, you can’t do that. The
Emperor Herb is rare and this man
broke his promise. Why would you

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give the herb to him?” Candice
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“Yeah! Dad, that’s not appropriate and you need to think twice,” Candice’s father
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Though he was not upset that Leon
did not decide to work with the
Dagleshs, it was still rather rude of
Leon to reach an agreement with the
Morrisons behind their backs. The
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From his perspective, Elder Daglesh was already being extremely kind for not
blaming Leon for this.
Yet, for some reason, Elder Daglesh intended to give Emperor Herb to Leon for
free and he could not understand why.

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