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Three Fated Hearts by LNC

Three Fated Hearts by LNC





On going 94 chapters
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Artist: Nikki Franks and Paul Attwater

Portia Colby, also known as Tia, reluctantly returns to her Emerald Lake pack, where she feels neglected and unwanted. Her sisters are favored, and her father openly calls her a mistake. Tia, however, values her friendship with Beta’s children, Lynn and Mark. As an Alpha command compels her to attend a pack ceremony, she learns that her sisters will be named Lunas. Tia discusses this news with Lynn, expressing her reservations about the Alpha twins and their choice to stick together without seeking their fated mates.

On the other side, Landon and Lincoln Attwater, identical twins, eagerly anticipate becoming the new Alphas of the pack. They decide to choose the Colby twins, Adela and Aida, as their mates to fulfill their leadership roles. However, during the ceremony, a new scent captivates Landon and Lincoln, signaling the presence of their fated mate. The mysterious woman, emitting the scent of lilacs and sandalwood, captures their attention…

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